VIDEO: Hiding Sarah Palin’s Extreme Right-Wing Base

The American News Project reports on efforts to down play Sarah Plain’s extreme right-wing roots at the GOP convention.

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    I canceled my trip down to South Jersey tomorrow to see my son and his family because our local weather prognosticators are predicting torrential rains and heavy winds. Evidently Hurricane Hanna is about to pay a visit to the East Coast tonight and tomorrow.

    So it got me thinking about how hurricanes seem to be visited upon us much more frequently these days. In rapid succession there was Hurricane Gustav, then Hurricane Hanna and now Hurricane Sarah – the so called ( hockey) mother of all hurricanes.

    To the lay person hurricanes seem to be formed in total secrecy, gather power as they consolidate their blowing winds and hot air, and then appear as if out of the blue to cause damage wherever they land.

    Hurricane Sarah is like that. A minor depression just weeks ago, Sarah has now become a storm and appears ready to take on the role of a full-blown hurricane.

    But unlike Gustav and Hanna – hurricanes which people can only prepare for, not stop – Hurricane Sarah is preventable.

    How you ask?

    By telling everyone you know, including daughters and mothers, husbands and wives, sons and fathers, lovers and partners, that Hurricane Sarah when coupled with Tropical Depression John, will wreak havoc on their personal lives and the lives of the people they love.

    Don’t wait. Act now. The storm clouds are building. Don’t let this disaster hit our shores.

    Posted by Roger

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    long shot, that is a BAD day for women and anyone who cares about women.

    Start at 3 minutes and clip that and play that for everyone. The liberals are saying 1 or 2 justices and the political director of the Right to Life is saying 2 or 3!!!

    they only need one. put in a 30 year old, and he will be there for the next 50 years!!