VIDEO: GOP Conventioneers Reaction to Palin Pregnancy

I think I’ve figured it out. The abstinence-only/virginity pledging until marriage/promising purity to your father crowd actually has no illusions that it won’t all turn out exactly the way it did with Bristol Palin. If that happens, in fact, they’ll do just what these people in the video do – rationalize away everything and anything that has to do with those who believe exactly the way they do.  There is not an ounce of critical thought in this crowd – just blind acceptance that abstinence-only is the only route (even if it doesn’t work), that abortion is wrong (even if a woman is attacked and pregnant by her rapist), that life begins at conception (even if that means imbuing fertilized eggs with citizen’s rights), and that virginity pledges made to your father are not wholly creepy (I have no parenthetical here to add).

Watch the rationalization at work (h/t to Cristina Page at for the video):

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