Pro-Choice GOP Essay or Video Call for Submissions

Are you a pro-choice Republican tired of sublimating your views to extremist social conservatives within your own party? Then submit your writing or video to RH Reality Check instead and we’ll help elevate your voice.

As the spotlight turns next week to the GOP, polls from Pew Research, Catholics for Choice and the Republican Majority for Choice all indicate that America shares pro-choice, pro-prevention values. Most Americans do not want to overturn Roe v. Wade, we support comprehensive sexuality education, and want access to contraception expanded, not made more difficult.

But the Republican Party has a monolithic image as a "pro-life" party, owing to its platform and control of party apparatus by the social conservative wing of the far-right part of the GOP.

We want to hear from you, the pro-choice Republicans that haven’t had much of a voice in your own party lately. Tell us about your personal stories, why you are pro-choice and what it’s been like to remain a Republican during the era of social conservatism. You can submit an essay or a video, and we’ll feature the best of our submissions in a few weeks and notify all entrants when we do.

Why does your family believe that government shouldn’t interfere with private health care decisions, and why are you raising your children with values of respect for other’s beliefs, and equipping them with facts to make the best choices for themselves and their lives?

We’re eager to hear from you, the silent majority within the GOP.


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    I am a true fan of ‘x-files’ with ‘high confidence’. Whenever McCain gets hyper, stressed or angry watch his eyes, they turn into ‘black oil’. Watch the ‘x-files’.