Fight Bush’s Proposed Anti-Birth Control Regulations!

How would you feel if you called a federally-funded
family planning clinic and the person who answered the phone refused to make an
appointment for you until you prove that you’re married? How would you feel if you asked for emergency contraception at a public health clinic and were told by
the public health nurse that you have to go somewhere else because Plan B is
the same as having an abortion? What if these employees were protected by
federal regulations so they couldn’t be fired, transferred, or disciplined? 

New York Times
recently uncovered that the Department of Health and Human
Services is drafting
that would "prohibit discrimination" against certain health care
employees who refuse to deliver contraceptives because of religious or moral
objections. Medical organizations, elected officials and activist citizens are
protesting the proposed rules because they would declare many forms of
contraception to be equivalent to abortion and impose unnecessary and
burdensome personnel "conscience protection" rules on federally funded
hospitals and clinics in a thinly-disguised effort to interfere with access to
birth control.  Help us stop the rule

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    I already wrote my representative and will be writing my senators today! Believe me folks, they really do read their letters and emails, so don’t be afraid to WRITE!

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    Does anyone doubt, for one minute, that we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, if male persons were the ones carrying and delivering babies? What perplexes me the most, is how women, allow men to brain-wash them, on this subject.

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    It’s not easy to reverse more than 2 millennia’s worth of subjugation in an instant. Particularly when a major component of the subjugation relates to an ingrained sense that we are not to trust our bodies or our instincts because it will get us into trouble while our very vocal subjugators are resistant to the change we seek and all to willing to punish us for even trying. It helps that most who’ve seen the light don’t blame the subjugated. That said, I believe we’ve come quite far in the last 70 years, and I believe we have enough momentum and support from the wise and the converted to go even farther.

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    We just did a minor redesign of the site and the link directly to the blog and to the Senators and Representatives seems to have been misdirected. We’re working on it right now. Thank you!

    Our podcasting coordinator thinks it’s good advertising for his work, but that’s not our intent.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


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    Many people want to express their views on the proposed HHS regulations and all the links in this very helpful piece are now working. Thanks for taking time to write your representatives and please pass a link along to this article and encourage your friends, family, colleagues and others you know who support privacy, liberty, and the ability to plan when and how many children to have.

    Be the change you seek,

    Scott Swenson, Editor