Fifteen Year Old Girl Who Inspired CA Parental Notification Proposal Was a Married Mom

The Los Angeles Times reports today that the 15 year-old girl for whom the parental notification ballot initiative, promoted as "Sarah’s Law", is named, already had a child and was married at the time of her death. "If you can’t believe the ‘Sarah’ story, there’s a lot in the ballot
argument you can’t believe," said Ana Sandoval, a spokeswoman for
Planned Parenthood and the campaign against Proposition 4.

Update Saturday, August 2, 2:52 p.m.

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting today that proponents of Proposition 4 admited yesterday that Sarah’s death could not have been prevented with the passage of this law. In other words, they are using the tragic death of a fifteen year-old mother who was pregnant, for political gain.

Perhaps comprehensive sexuality education, better use of contraception, and an overall commitment to education and empowerment of young women so that they delay their first sexual experience; and with young men so they grow up understanding to respect women and be responsible with their own sexuality, is a more useful approach.

I know I’m going out on a limb here, and since this waste of money, time and effort is already on the ballot California voters will have to vote on it, but really — how much more evidence do Americans need that the so-called "pro-life" agenda is nothing more than smoke and mirrors political manipulation?

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  • mellankelly1

    Really, is anybody shocked by the use of misinformation from those opposed to abortion?  Never mind that Prop 4 wouldn’t have made a difference in that persons situation.  Half-truths, pseudoscience, misinformation, intimidation and outright lies are completely consistent tactics within the anti-abortion camp.  

  • invalid-0

    Why aren’t you bothered by the fact that the girl Planned Parenthood has dragged about for twenty years to fight parental involvement laws never underwent any sort of abortion? Becky Bell was still pregnant, brochures for homes for unwed mothers in her purse, when her parents brought her to the hospital. Doctors told them they weren’t sure they could “save the baby”. Becky miscarried before she died. The medical term for miscarriage is “abortion”. Becky’s parents saw this on the autopsy report and misunderstood. Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocacy groups did not correct their misunderstanding, and instead lied to the public and legislators, saying (stories varied) that Becky had gotten an illegal abortion or had induced one herself.

    Jammie Garcia was an underage girl who did have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or consent. She did die a horrible death: her fetus was shoved through the back of her uterus into her bowel and left there. You can imagine the resulting overwhelming infection. At autopsy, Jammie’s liver and lungs were sodden, weighing twice what they should have weighed. And even Planned Parenthood isn’t disputing this — they’re just considering it not worth mentioning.

    You don’t seem to mind the Planned Parenthood double standard: A teenage girl who DID die a horrible death is somehow irrelevant to laws regarding underage abortions, but a teenager who died of pneumonia after passing out in her own vomit at a drug party somehow IS relevant.

  • scott-swenson


    Any death is a loss. My larger point is that we would be better off putting our time and attention toward education and prevention, but the far-right can’t motivate voters to get to the polls that way, so they put poll-tested laws like this on the ballot to motivate their base.

    If the concern is teenage pregnancy and making sure that all women have access to safe reproductive health care, let’s get the politics out of it on both sides and let women and medical professionals make the best decisions on a case by case basis.

    Be the change you seek,

    Scott Swenson, Editor

  • invalid-0

    Why doesn’t everyone drop this crap and focus future efforts on making sure that men can’t declare themselves the common law husbands of 15-year-olds in order to secure custody of them? Disgusting! I hope they’ve revised whatever laws allowed that since the ’90s.

  • invalid-0


    I think it is you that is missing the point. You castigate the far right, but the truth is that both the right and the left have no sense of balance and no interest in the truth.
    As an Editor you should be ashamed of pointing at “the far right,” as a specific group without at the same time criticizing the left for patently false information and misinformation. You should be aware that the “Right” is a coalition of average conservative Americans fed up with federally inspired liberalism that has turned basic standards of decency and ethics upside down.
    You should also be aware that as the mainstream media continues to titillate and sell both sex and bad behavior to the average consumer–mostly children– this conservative movement will continue to grow–and become more aggressively reactionary.
    The negative side to this scenario is that it can only end in a frightening crescendo of reactionary laws that can and will be much more punitive than anything we have seen to date.
    Even this site, in linking to various advocacy liberal blogs, does not require them to be balanced and truthful. None of these bloggers are required to present their facts in a ethical, honest and balanced manner because they are amateur writers and not even held to minimal basic Journalistic standards.