Republicans Call for an End to Planned Parenthood’s Federal Funding

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota called for the defunding of Planned Parenthood last
Wednesday. In a "special order" floor speech organized by Bachmann and
Chris Smith, R-N.J., Bachmann called for an end to any federal money
for the network of reproductive health care clinics because Planned
Parenthood offers abortion services.

"If you’ve got 882 clinics, you have $1 billion a year in annual
revenue, and $330 million of that comes from taxpayer funding, I think
that shows pretty clearly they are big business. They are the Wal-Mart
of big abortion. They’re the big box retailer," Bachmann told fellow
members of the House. "It is time to end their tax-exempt status. It’s
a fraud. And it’s time to stop the public financing of Planned
Parenthood. It’s the right thing to do."

Tim Stanley, executive director of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North
Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) Action Fund, took issue with Bachmann’s
characterization. "Planned Parenthood does more in one day to prevent
unintended pregnancy and the need for abortion than politicians like
Michele Bachmann do in a lifetime,” said Stanley.

Indeed, Planned Parenthood offers a range of services in addition to
abortion services, including those that prevent the need for abortion:
access to birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy options
counseling, sexuality education, and vasectomies and tubal ligations.
Those services are in addition to a range of other reproductive health
services such as screening for breast, cervical and testicular cancers;
pregnancy testing; testing and treatment for sexually transmitted
diseases; and menopause treatments.

“In spite of what Michelle Bachmann says, Planned Parenthood served
nearly 65,000 people last year," said Stanley. "What this means is that
more Minnesotans than ever are in need of health care services, and
PPMNS is the safety net health care provider they turn to for the care
they need. Nearly 76 percent of PPMNS patients are very low-income and
likely to qualify for public insurance programs."

Those services are offered to men and women who might not otherwise
have access to or be able to afford birth control and other
reproductive health services.

Planned Parenthood’s expansion into more affluent areas is what triggered Bachmann’s heightened voice in the abortion debate.

The Wall Street Journal
reported last month that Planned Parenthood has rebranded its operation
and had opened express centers in several affluent Minneapolis-St. Paul

"Well, let me tell you, they’ve made a decision, Planned Parenthood,
that they are going to go after the affluent. How do I know that? It’s
happening in my district, and it was detailed in this article," said
Bachmann. "It said three express centers [opening] in wealthy Minnesota
suburbs and shopping centers and malls, places where women are already
doing their grocery shopping, picking up their Starbucks, living their
daily lives."

Bachmann continued, "Do we understand what this is? This is to promote
women, to promote that woman intentionally take the lives of their
unborn children," she said. "We are asking God-fearing Americans to
subsidize this brutal and bloody procedure on a regular business in
upscale shopping malls all across the United States."

Despite Bachmann’s assertion, the Wall Street Journal makes clear that
abortion services are not being offered in "upscale shopping malls."
The article says that the mall sites in Minnesota offer "services
limited to birth-control counseling and tests for pregnancy or sexually
transmitted infections. Most patients are in and out in less than half
an hour."

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    Owned and operated by religious conservatives.
    They will never mention the fact that Planned Parenthood provides crucial well-woman care, especially to low-income women, and tells the truth to young people who too often get only the “abstinence only and don’t ever be gay” message from their schools.
    I am convinced that any American who votes Republican who is not one of these religious fanatics is voting all too unaware for a puritanical theocracy that does nothing but damage to the rest of us.

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    Last week, the McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina, was saying that McCain has never said Roe v Wade should be overruled (wrong). But she also said that for insurance companies to cover Viagara and not also cover birth control medications for women is unfair.

    When McCain was asked about the fairness of insurance coverage of Viagra and not of the “Pill”, he squirmed and scrunched up his face, dodged poorly and muttered that he could not remember how he voted on the issue. The video is on YouTube, among other places if you look for “McCain Viagra”.

    YouTube links to MSNBC version

    and the CNN version

    More women need to see this.

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    As a Minnesotan, I am extremely embarrassed by Bachmann (not that she is from my district, but still), from her molesting the president at her first State of the Union address and having the country laugh at the “crazy Rep from MN,” to her hyper-selective personal adoption decisions, to her ridiculous rhetoric…
    “I was just outraged that Congress would want to substitute its judgment for the judgment of the American people,” she said. “It struck me as a massive Big Brother intrusion into our homes and our lives.”

    This is a quote from Bachmann, in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Care to wager a guess as to the topic?

    Light bulbs. She says people should be free to use traditional incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs. But the government should be in our beds, our families, our ovaries?

    She is an embarrassment to Minnesotans.

    Link to the Star Trib article:

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    that my home state of Minnesota is veering so hard to the right that they’re electing fundies like Bachmann to positions of power in government instead of some church position where she would no doubt be happier. *sigh*
    But what can I reasonably expect after they elected Jessie Ventura and Norm Coleman?

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    That explains why the Tennessee Republican Party’s controversial Spokesman/blogger Bill Hobbs attacked Planned Parenthood funding today. Figures.

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    Government funding for Planned Parenthood should be abolished. The services provided by PP are not exclusive. There are other providers. People with low incomes should seek assistance from local and federal government sources directly.

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    Honestly, everything that seems to come out of Rep. Bachmann’s mouth these days is just ridiculous. This is the same lady who said caribou love pipelines, falsely blamed Democrats for blocking renewable energy incentives, and repeated the lie about China drilling for oil off the Florida coast.