Nativists Orgs Inaccurately Blast Immigrants for Strain on US Infrastructure

Long commute? Plenty of anti-immigrant organizations want you to blame strain on U.S. resources — not to mention traffic — on immigrants, but that’s a cheap, even "laughable" connection, say Laurie Mazur and Priscilla Huang in a new piece on the Center for American Progress site. Traffic itself is better explained by chronic under-investment in transportation infrastructure. "Cities from Amsterdam to Curitiba, Brazil, have…proved that population
density does not lead inexorably to sprawl and environmental
destruction," the authors write. But the bigger picture is falsely drawn, as well. Climate change and environmental impact is not limited to the number of people in the United States, but the number of people on Earth, and far more complex than determined simply by the total world population:

[W]hile there is a relationship between population growth and
environmental destruction, it is a complex one. Environmental impact is
determined not just by our numbers, but by how we use resources—our
systems of production and consumption and the policies that shape them…Climate change and other environmental problems do not respect national

How can we ethically and accurately connect population and environment? Start exploring "real solutions," say Mazur and Huang, "like universal access to reproductive health services,
equal rights for women and girls, and a just and sustainable global
economic system."

Check out RH Reality Check and Population Action International’s recent feature series on population and climate change for a start to the conversation.

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    Unfortunately, the Center for American Progress is a joke. They’ve issued a series of highly questionable “studies” and articles, including the one at that link and others that can be found by searching for their name at my name’s link. And, one of their senior fellows is part of the MexicanGovernment’s extended network. It’s not difficult to follow the other money either: more immigrants equals more power for them and those linked to them.

    As for the current study, assuming the summary above is correct, they’re living in a fantasy world. Yes, I’m sure that if everyone lived in a perfect CAP-designed community everything would be just fine and dandy. However, in our reality, importing millions of people leads to traffic congestion, increased costs, and more pollution. The CAP authors should start with coloring books and, once they’ve mastered that, try writing another study.

  • harry834

    On my site.

    The opinions I state are differing and nuanced. Some commenters speak, including some whom might be described as "nativist", but I was hoping to transcend some of the labels. In my thought-articlations, I analyze whether the terms "illegal immigrant", "amnesty", etc. mean anything. It’s nuanced and not weighed in sound bites.

    The general gist is that I don’t want to deport anyone unless they are proven to be terrorists. Both me AND the National Council of La Raza support criminal background checks on undocumented immigrants. But minor crimes like jaywalking or even graffitti should concern us less.

    I also tell how I don’t know if the immigrants are harmless to our job market. It IS plausible to think that they might be taking jobs. But then again, they pay taxes, and contribute as well as consume, – and the conservatives never acknowledge this – so maybe some places benefit and others don’t. I’m speaking strictly of economics, not morality or human dignity.

    Read and enjoy my piece. And taste the comments left by others.

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    You make some valid points, but let us get to the reality: yes, illegal aliens pay taxes, but not income taxes since they usually do not make enough money to engender income taxes. And, while they most certainly positively contribute to the economy, it is questionable as to how much. For example, they keep the middle and upper middle class with cheap labor holding service prices down, but at the same time, they (and other low income people) consume medical and other social services at much higher rates than middle class taxpayers do. And these services must be absorbed my taxpaying (usually homeowners)members of the population.
    Futhermore, publically supporting an underground economy of cash and low wage workers that are taken advantage of because of their illegal status is in direct violation of every known common decency principle in the industrialized world. No other nation does this. To rationalize this on
    “merchantile principles,” is both vulgar and pointless.
    The majority of American people do not want to have people working and thriving in the United States that have entered this country illegally–PERIOD!!!!!

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    Illegal aliens are just that, illegal.
    They cost me and other taxpayers scads of money, especially for their litters of children (who are not citizens)who use up precious resources in education and health care which should be reserved for citizens of this country. Get them out of my country!