Anti-Choice Protesters Force Clinic’s Eviction

On a tip from reader Jaime:

G&H Healthcare, formerly known as Ohio Women’s Center, in Green, Ohio, is being evicted because of disturbances created by anti-choice protesters outside the clinic, says Green’s Mayor, Dick Norton. The health care facility provides non-surgical abortion care.

Mayor Norton noted that the health care facility was "in complete
compliance" with local zoning laws. So why is G&H being kicked out?
As the Akron Beacon Journal reports:

Norton said that representatives of the complex’s owner, CAM Inc.,
notified him that it is issuing a three-day eviction notice to G&H
because the business disturbed other tenants and didn’t share complete
or accurate information on its lease application.

Right to Life of Summit County has been holding demonstrations outside the Corporate Woods Parkway office complex, and members have been emailing the Mayor’s office to voice their opposition to the clinic’s presence. Owners of the office building have not been asked by the mayor to evict G&H.

Why would the mayor object to the work of an abortion clinic? Says Right to Life of Summit County executive director, Gregory D. Frank:

”The mayor is the executive branch of the city and, as such, he’s providing protection for all citizens…We consider the unborn a citizen, and they’re not being served.
They’re actually being killed via the abortion facility. We wanted to
make him aware that that was done on his watch.”

G&H Healthcare did not respond to the reporter’s request for comment, but a staff member at an affiliated organization responded, ”We have referred everything to our attorney."

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    Why do we have to use these still labels that don’t really line up with peoples actual biases?

    “Anti-Choice” – Do they force me to go to McDonalds over Burger King…No, they let me choose. Do they require me to eat Chinese food instead of a Greek salad. No they let me choose.

    Meanwhile I suspect (random guess could be off base) that the blog author will not let me choose to defend myself via the purchase of firearm. (or at least is willing to have ‘reasonable’ restrictions in the way of that purchase that would be considered ‘unreasonable’ if placed in front of women’s reproductive rights). I mean not everyone that buys a gun is going to kill something that day but everyone that walks in to get an abortion is (used something v.s. someone there on purpose to avoid the needless (for these purposes) discussion about whether a fetus is a person or not…It is ‘alive’)). Given that, are you ok with a simple reasonable 5 day waiting period, or a one abortion per year rule or any a no abortion clinics within 5 miles of a school rule? probably not..

    Now before everyone flips out, I do suspect that some of your ‘anti-choicers’ also have other things they don’t want me to be able to choose like the TV shows I watch or the books that I read. I get it. There are ‘statists’ on both sides of this argument who are really just in disagreement as to which of our rights they want to take away.

    I just don’t understand why we can’t either call ‘them’ anti-abortion protesters.

    Calling ‘your’ side the pro reproductive rights management is not bad given the combined stance on birth control/abortion.

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    Isn’t it the owner’s choice to evict whoever he wants from his building? His building, his choice.