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    I am a feminist, and I happen to wear high heels because I find them aesthetically pleasing, not because they make me more comfortable in a “superficial” and “sexist” world. I also swim (probably less than I should admittedly) because I like to feel fit, confident and good about myself. That’s not superficial or sexist; it’s human nature.

    Your assertions imply that our body images, style of dress and workout habits are driven entirely by men and our patriarical society, and have nothing to do with health or women (and their prejudices). It also ignores the fact that today, there is a wider spectrum of body types deemed as “desirable,” from Beyonce-built cover girls to Kate Moss-a change that is driven more by today’s celebrity-obsessed culture than patriarchy.

    In giving men all the power, especially aesthetic control, you take the power and responsibility completely out of our hands and land us back in the Ibsen era.

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    Thanks, this is a well done blog entry on many important summer-related topics for women! And I’m happy to say I’ve read nearly all of the books you cite :)
    I just wanted to share a link about strategies for dealing with street harassment from my website: http://www.stopstreetharassment.com/strategies/index.htm. I wrote my master’s thesis on the topic last year and am continuing to research it more. I think there is more that we can do at an individual level to stop street harassment, particularly by raising awareness of the issue through sharing our stories, writing or talking about it (like you are here), and educating men that women don’t like it.

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    I’m thrilled to know that the blogosphere is contributing to the message that diets don’t work. This is what my entire website is devoted to…. but I thought your readers might like to read more about what experts say about this at: http://www.ditch-diets-live-light.com/diets-dont-work.html

    We seldom hear though that not only do they not work, but fad diets in particular will actually help us GAIN weight. It’s also what I’ve written two books about.

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    I think you misunderstood the point of the article entirely. You can wear high heels and enjoy excercise and still be a feminist, and I believe you when you say that you just like the style of heels and the feeling of being physically fit. But I don’t think you can rightfull call yourself a feminist when you look down on women who don’t conform to traditional beauty standard and go from solely your own experience without even considering what other women may experience. What you’ve ignored is that sometimes beauty standards go beyond just being physically fit and wearing the things that you like and that you feel you looks good in. Sometimes the standards are absolutely ridiculous and have to do with things completely beyond your control.

    From “Beyonce” to “Kate Moss” isn’t exactly a broad spectrum. They’re both young, thin, and genetically gifted. They’re also both wearing lots of makeup.

    And no, women reinforcing the sexist, patriarical standards does not make them any less sexist or patriarical.

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