Pro-Li*e Facts Are Wrong in NM Senate Race

Proving once again that the so-called "pro-life" crowd is really just pro-li*e, the scrupulously unbiased Annenberg Center for Communications and their political website are calling out the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List for lying. The SBA List is targeting five-term GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson, trying to defeat her in the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate seat in New Mexico.

… the mailer claims
Wilson "voted for cloning that would create human embryos specifically
to be destroyed for scientific research." But that’s simply not true.
SBA List is misrepresenting a bill that would have actually outlawed
human cloning. In June 2007, Wilson voted in favor of the Human Cloning Prohibition Act, which said:

H.R. 2560:
It shall be unlawful for any person to perform or attempt to perform
human cloning; or to ship, mail, transport, or receive the product of
human somatic cell nuclear transfer technology knowing that such
product is for the purpose of human cloning.

Congressional Quarterly
reported critics were upset that the bill "would not extend the ban to
include cloning of human embryos for research purposes."
Pearce has said this is why he voted against it. The National Right to Life Committee, another anti-abortion group, objected as well, which was one of the reasons the organization gave Wilson only a 42 percent rating on its latest scorecard. But to accuse Wilson of affirmatively voting for something that wasn’t even in the legislative language is an outright falsehood.


In addition, notes:

The mailer says Wilson "voted to fund abortion providers," and the
radio ad repeated the charge, adding that "Planned Parenthood is a
billion-dollar abortion business." That’s misleading. Planned
Parenthood is a nonprofit organization with gross revenues of nearly a billion dollars, but abortions account for a small fraction of the services it provides –
3 percent in 2006, according to the group’s annual report.

While Wilson did vote against a 2007 appropriations bill amendment that would have made Planned Parenthood ineligible to receive any more federal money, the amendment would have cut off government funds that go to the group for breast cancer screening, contraception, and pregnancy and HIV testing. It is for these services that the group receives federal grants, which totaled $336.7 million in 2006, according to its annual report. The government provides no funding for abortions.


One thing we should give the anti-choicers credit for: at least they are willing to lie to defeat Republicans as well as Democrats.

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    Do you really not understand the nature of so-called “cloning bans” that don’t ban cloning at all?

    “A mailer from Pearce claims that Wilson ‘voted for cloning that would create human embryos specifically to be destroyed for scientific research.’ Actually, she voted to make it illegal to clone humans for reproductive purposes; the bill did not address embryos to be used for research, as anti-abortion groups wanted. It’s simply false to say she voted for something that wasn’t part of the bill.”

    The bill “did not address embryos to be used for research” because the intent of such bills is to allow the cloning of embryonic human beings to go on unfettered, while falsely claiming that they “prohibit cloning.” Amendment 2 in Missouri in 2006 did the same thing: it was framed in such a way so that voters would believe they were outlawing ALL cloning when in fact they would only be outlawing the IMPLANTATION of a cloned embryo. Creating new embryos for the express purpose of destroying them, which is opposed by a majority of Americans, would be legal. Perhaps you’re among those hoodwinked by such legislation — unless, of course, you’re merely interested in perpetuating the mythology, yourself.