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    This is absolutely impressive. Not only that I did not have a clue of how this was being handled but I wouldn’t have believed on the possibility of accepting these traditions. “Dealing” with them instead of “changing” them… never thought it could be done. You think “well… it’s 2008, considering technology and everything… they just have to adjust”.

    It just shows respect… for people, traditions, cultures, etc.. something that everyone deserves.

    Thank you for the info.

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    It is ironic though that here in USA women still struggle for the right to give birth in the most natural positions instead of the worst possible–on the back. I had my babies at home 28, 24 and 20 years ago so that I could control the births with no interference. My friends daughter just had a baby and had to have an epidural as it was so painful–they made her lay on her back. whenever I even tried laying down for even a couple minutes I was in extreme pain–being on hands and kness was comfortable for me and my midwife said she would deliver the baby however worked for me! If I had a choice though I would have preferred to be in a birth facility with my midwife and doctors close by (but not in the room unless needed!)But at that time there were none around where I lived.

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