Roundup: Dems Will Unite, Swizzle Sticks and Celebrating Midwives

Nicholas Kristof writes in the NYT today that Clinton should drop out of the race as a continued battle could further damage Democrat’s chances in the fall. He mentions, almost in passing, the issue that will bring Clinton’s ardent supporters out for Obama in the fall: "It’s true that most of Senator Clinton’s supporters presumably will flinch if
they contemplate a McCain Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade."

Courtney at Feministing has a post (with video) of McCain on the Daily Show yesterday. McCain talked about a "very attractive young detractor" who showed up at a rally and the issues of discrimination against women and gender equality arose, check out the clip and Courtney’s comments.

"Will you lick my swizzle stick?" It’s the latest euphemism dredged up by a TV personality to harass a co-worker. Rachel at Broadsheet has this one.

Everyday my Google Reader has an article from some campus newspaper decrying the ever-rising prices of birth control due to a glitch in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. Today it was Boise State.

The head of the UNFPA called Monday for an increase in investment to train and support midwives around the world. “Every day, midwives are saving women’s lives by making delivery safe. Their
essential care before, during and after delivery ensures that no woman dies
giving life,” UNFPA Executive Director Thoraya Ahmed Obaid said in a message
marking the International Day of the Midwife, observed on May 5th.

There’s a great post at SchizoFrenetic that continues the discussion about the American Life League’s "The Pill Kills" campaign. She writes that it would make sense for both sides to get together on contraception to empower women and men to make reproductive choices, thus reducing the number of abortions. She goes on to debunk the campaign’s talking points.

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