Outing the Pro-Teen Sex Agenda

On this National Day to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy,
I thought it would be a fun exercise to compare the sexual activity of
teenagers and their pregnancy rates in the most pro-choice states with
those of the most pro-life states. I used NARAL’s rankings
to determine which were the best and worst states on choice. (Simply,
those that scored "F" are the worst and those with an "A" are the
best.) I then filled in the state data for each
on the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy website, the
National Day sponsors, and compared the pro-choice states with the
pro-life states.

Which side is actually doing a better job?

one side has a lot more to celebrate. Turns out pro-life states, those
that are prone to tell kids that abstinence is the only proven
contraception, and discourage use of actual contraception, then wag
their finger at the less "morally superior" states, are where high
schoolers are:

  • more sexually active
  • more likely to have had sex before the age of 13
  • more likely to have four or more sexual partners.

out that to be "pro-life" is to be
pro-your-young-teen-having-a-risky-sex-life. In addition, the states
that are witnessing the most dramatic drop in teen pregnancies are the
most solidly pro-choice ones (CA, VT, HI, AK) while the ones where teen
pregnancy rates are declining most slowly are anti-choice (NE, MS, WY,

As this election goes from a simmer to a boil, the culture
warriors will be dosing ideological gasoline on the flames. Isn’t it
time to call the religious right’s bluff? If we measured their agenda
based on its results they could only be considered the
pro-risky-adolescent-sex-unwanted- pregnancy-teen-mothers- and-more-abortion
crowd. They have no right to moralize and no standing to be
sanctimonious — that should be our job.

They’re wrong. We know it and
it’s time the American public did too. Pro-choice people, and most
candidates, have got to use the gifts of evidence we’ve been given (and
earned). The American public doesn’t want its 12-year-olds sexually
active or their daughters impregnated by one of their four or more
sexual partners — but that’s what the pro-life agenda is poised to make
America’s reality, and sadly has for too many already. And there’s
quantitative data to prove it. One thing is for sure, they’re not going
to be the ones to mention it. Now wonder they’re lying low today.

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    Very sad.
    The point is this…plain and simple.

    Humans are meant to have ONE Sexual Partner for LIFE. Period.

    If you wish to circumvent this and go out on your own…then well that is why STD’s, HIV, unwanted pregnancies are here today.

    The Romans and Greeks wanted to have lots of partners and experience it all. Well they don’t exist today. In the Human Plan (designed by God himself), we are to be committed to one another, one man and one woman. Play with the fire and guaranteed you burn each and every time.

    Sex is one of the most beautiful parts of life that a husband and wife share. It (SEX) is meant for this and this alone.

    Sorry, go beyond this, and you are simply an idiot, waiting for trouble to come your way.

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    So what are _you_ going to do when (NOT “if) your daughter comes home pregnant or your son with gonorrhea because you’ve kept them completely ignorant of any sexual matters?

  • invalid-0

    Keeping females ignorant and being fed false information is the best way to fund the billion dollar adoption machine. If she “elects” to keep the baby, since she hasn’t been offered any other choice, this assures that females will stay on the bottom rungs of the pay scales. We all know that single mothers are the most poverty stricken group in the United States, let’s make sure that more enter these ranks. How many companies will hire single mothers? How many companies will hire single mothers AND offer them health insurance?

    What better way to maintain a great way of life for males than by ridding themselves of the threat that a female can get a good education, a good job, by not giving females knowledge of their own body. Let’s keep women ignorant, pregnant, and out of the job market. Let’s all vote for MKKKain and make sure that women will be captives of their own reproductive organs and make sure they never get equal pay for an equal job. Even the right to vote will be at risk if MKKKain gets into office. According to his voting record, all women should be barefoot and pregnant, dependent on men for their status in life.

    How proud southern Bible thumping states must be of the 1 in 4 rate of STDs in females. I bet they are even prouder of the fact that teens are having multiple births. More food for the adoption machine or more women out of the better paying jobs. Either way, big business benefits.

    Abstinence only sex education is ineffective and it hurts one gender the most…females. Boys are always going to say anything to get the panties off. They don’t suffer the consequences. They just put the pressure on another female, promising her everything and the moon. This, apparently, never changes since there are female harrassment laws in effect to protect women from males that can’t concentrate on their job.

    Women have the right to pursue happiness. There are plenty of women that resent male domination, they want an education, they want a career other than baby making. Right now, women do not have legal recourse for inequal pay for an equal job. Males resent women in the workforce, they fear a women may take their God given right to the higher paying jobs.

    Let’s all vote for MKKKain and make sure that all men are head of households and women are their slaves in the home. After all, this is God’s way. Makes me want to pass a hairball.

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    um, i’ve had 4 sexual partners so far and no stds, pregnancies etc. and, er, there are still romans and greeks in the world today. sorry.
    sex is meant for what and what alone?

  • http://jivinjehoshaphat.blogspot.com invalid-0

    Why didn’t you compare how each set of states did with regards to the Teen Pregnancy Rate (probably the most basic indicator of how a state is doing with teen pregnancy)?

    Is it because the prolife states had a lower average?????

    You also might want to fix your link.

  • invalid-0

    I think there is enough in the mainstream media showing that the pro-life states and those who have only the Abstinence-Only education ARE having higher pregnancy rates. There was no need to re-hash that aspect in an article about other statistics. I think this is more fuel for the fire of the pro-choice movement; I don’t need more of the same things, I need new and different things when I discuss this topic with others.

  • http://myspace.com/saynathespiffy invalid-0

    The condescension and outright insults in that post are just awful. I find it odd that so many Christians are strict about judging other peoples’ private lives, but don’t seem so keen on the “love thy neighbor” and “judge not lest ye be judged” stuff.

    Who exactly are you to tell other people what God thinks, anyway? Not all Christians would agree with your statements. Probably because they realize that a truly omnipotent, perfect being worthy of worship would not care about people’s sex lives, but about what they do to care for Its creation and make the world a better place for the less forutnate.

    You also do not seem to understand that not all people are religious, and that the United States is not a theocracy. You have absolutely no business forcing your beliefs down others’ throats, and as far as leading by example goes, you’ve failed. Condemning everyone else does not make you any better or any more moral than anyone. It just makes you look like a hateful snob.

  • invalid-0

    “The Romans and Greeks wanted to have lots of partners and experience it all. Well they don’t exist today.”

    Someone better tell the inhabitants of a very popular Mediterranean island that they don’t exist anymore. They’ve been duped! Also, the Romans wouldn’t exist today, not unless they discovered the secret to immortality.

    Baseless arguments are baseless.

  • invalid-0

    I have had a heck of a lot more than one sexual partner. I’m in my 40’s and have been married for 15 years. I spent my late teens and early to mid 20’s dating many different men. And, *gasp* I slept with many of them too. But, I don’t have any STD and never have. I have no children, and have never been pregnant.

    Therefore, I am living proof that your theory is wrong.

    Birth control and other forms of protection have kept me safe, without children and healthy throughout my life, not god. Oh, and lets not forget that I do have a functioning brain; I used it then and I use it now.

  • invalid-0

    The comment about the Greeks and the Romans was laughable. Greeks do exist! I should know, my aunt married one. The Roman empire was determined to have fallen due to wars and lead drinking water casks that created infertility. Many ancient civilizations have fallen, so I don’t understand the point that this guy is trying to make. I have had a few sexual partners and I never got any diseases because I used condoms. We had great History teachers at my old High school, as well as great sex ed courses and teachers, thankfully!

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    I agree with you, though McCain sure is kissing his rich wife’s butt, for sure. He abandoned the woman who bore his children and put her life on hold waiting for him to come back from the war- well he rewarded her by cheating and then abandoning her and the kids and marrying the rich broad he is with today. I am for Hillary, but it doesn’t look good, however, I am not giving up hope until it is proved she cannot win and she calls it quits. The sexism in this election has made me sick. However, I will vote for Obama if he is the only choice left in the Democratic party, we have to all come together and beat MKKKain, for the reasons that you stated, and many more, such as the choosing of Supreme Court justices, etc.