Can A Person Be Illegal?

In all the furor over rising immigration rates in the U.S. — often disguised as concern over "illegal" immigration — one story in particular demonstrates that contrary to scare stories about the effect of immigration on this country, the reality is that this country is often a scary and oppressive place for immigrants. And immigrant women, having drawn the double whammy card, are especially vulnerable. A 22-year-old immigrant from Colombia exposed her immigration agent using the threat of deportation to rape her, using her cell phone to tape the assault. Unfortunately, as is all too common with these sorts of stories, most reports describe the event as sex, even while making it clear that the sex is question was coerced, and should be more accurately described as rape.

The story has hooks most likely because it's about how a common crime — sexual blackmail against immigrants and other women marginalized in society — became more difficult to hide and ignore because of new technologies. But despite the dubious reasons why this story hit the mainstream news, the activist community can still seize this opportunity to make two very important points: 1) Immigration is a feminist issue and 2) The distinctions between "legal" and "illegal" immigrants is red herring to distract from the fact that it's immigrants, full stop, who face oppression under a tidal wave of anti-immigration sentiment.

This woman's story demonstrates the way that the cut-and-dry distinctions between illegal and legal immigrants touted by the Lou Dobbses of the world tend to turn shades of gray when examined closely. Or actually, shades of paperwork. The rape victim entered the U.S. legally on a tourist visa and overstayed, but managed to enter the system to get her green card by marrying a citizen, which all but the worst mouth-breathers accept as a legitimate way to get a green card. Her story shows why it's front-loaded and racist to describe a human being as "illegal," especially when her illegal actions were misdemeanors such that they didn't even raise the ire of the law when she got her paperwork in order. I've managed to drive a car before after letting my inspection lapse, and then got the ticket straightened out by renewing my inspection sticker, an equivalent crime. No one describes my very being as illegal, though. Though rape, on the other hand, is not a minor crime and is earth-shattering enough that it's acceptable to describe the people who commit that crimes as "rapists," I suspect that rapists get called by that moniker less often than immigrants without their paperwork in order get called "illegals."

Words like "illegals" dehumanize immigrants, whether or not they have their paperwork in order, and that dehumanization makes immigrant women juicy targets for assorted sexist oppressors, from anti-choicers to wife beaters to rapists, as this woman's story shows. One Honduran immigrant faced charges after trying to self-abort with an ulcer medication, an attempt that failed to induce abortion, but was linked to her giving birth to a premature infant who passed away. The same article notes that a 22-year-old Mexican immigrant living in South Carolina was put in jail for inducing her own abortion with the medication at home. That immigrant women often resort to self-abortion should surprise no one. Not only is safe, legal abortion financially daunting for a number of women, the atmosphere of dehumanization of immigrants makes many women understandably eager to reduce their encounters with authority figures of any type, including doctors.

Green card manipulation isn't just a trick practiced by immigration officials wanting to control and dominate women, either. According to the Family Violence Prevention Fund (PDF), many domestic abusers use threats about immigration status to keep women in relationships with them. Whether married to citizens or non-citizens, the quasi-legal status assigned to immigrants means that many victims of domestic violence fear seeking help; consequently, the rates of domestic violence are significantly higher for immigrant women than women at large. Congress stepped in to create the International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act, which gives immigrant women the right to leave abusive marriages without being deported. It also requires that men who go through "marriage broker" services to disclose their domestic violence histories to potential brides.

If you ever want to despair of the human condition, Google the term "IMBRA" — the vast majority of the results returned are authored by men outraged at these entirely reasonable measures that keep men from beating their immigrant wives and using green cards as leverage to perpetuate the violence. Strangely, few of these websites argue that men should be given the direct right to beat women, but it's hard to imagine what other worldview they could be operating under, when they think that it should be perfectly legal for a man to threaten his wife with deportation if she leaves him after a round of beating. If you are under the incorrect impression that sexism is dead and feminism isn't needed anymore, I recommend listening to the howls of men who think the government owes them the right to treat immigrant women like a population available for their punching bag and sexual assault needs. That goes double for you if you've ever sneered at the term "intersections of oppression," because I can't think of a better example myself.

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    IMBRA was a complete fraud of legislation. Amanda you are a smart girl so I expect more from you especially with all the time oyu’ve had since being released from Edward’s campaign…

    Also let’s not mingle immigrant statistics with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT statistics. Most of the abuse comes from the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Despite your claims the record shows that immigrants are not at higher risk. The legislation is disgusting I mean of course no one would want ot see a woman beaten, duh. But the law goes much farther than that it essentially says all men especially American men are abusers and then sets up a very high bar for men to prove they are not. All I ask is the same legislation cover women, statistics are now shoing that women are just as likely to assault and abuse men but I know that isn’t what you want to hear.

    You were completely discredited when we in the mainstream got a hold of your vile rants when you worked for EDdwars and we are going to keep the sunshine on you. The country is sick of you and sick of illegal aliens. Keep up your rants it is grist for the mill.

    If you actually cared for these poor illegal alien criminal women you would separate fact from fiction and tell their story without co-mingling it with your vile agenda. But for the same reason you were purged from Edward’s misinformation machine (he lost completely anyway) you will be viewed for what you are on your own blog, a pissed of feminazi with an axe to grind against all men and all Christians, especially Catholics it seems. Anyway ta ta for now xxxooo


  • amanda-marcotte

    Nothing creepier than men who are angry that women might have minor protections against domestic violence.  Is it really that big an infringement to be prevented from hitting a woman?

  • invalid-0

    “Illegal” doesn’t describe the person themselves. It describes their status. And, it can be rectified simply by returning to their home country, it isn’t a permanent condition. Considering that there are about five billion people on Earth poorer than Mexicans and many of those would come here if they could, it’s generally good public policy to make the distinction between those we (as a country) have invited here (“legal immigrants”) and those who weren’t invited (“illegal aliens”). To take an extremely isolated incident and then use that as an excuse to open the borders is not even something that a MexicanConsul would consider a valid argument, and they’re willing to say just about anything.

  • invalid-0

    You haven’t supplied any to collaborate your claims that the majority of abuse comes from illegal immigrants or that immigrant women are not at greater risk, or that women are just as likely to assault men.

    I assume this is because your outrageous claims are completely false.

    I say this as someone who works professionally in the helping professions with survivors of domestic violence, and with both documented and undocumented immigrants. No one here is fooled.

    • invalid-0

      Pissed off Feminazi – Our Congress is stupid and most of the men in Congress are wuss who either are in bed with these feminist organizations or are scared to protect American Men.

      My personal experience along with undeniable evidence shows that Domestic Violence Shelter are also assisting immigrant women in perpetrating the immigration fraud. I have evidence to show and prove all of it. I have tape confessions, but because of VAWA law even though I provide the evidence USCIS has to neglect it. This is flourishing billion dollar business at the cost of US Tax payers.

      I am not denying that there aren’t men who might abuse women, but lets face it today’s women are not going to take any shit. A mere utterance of word abuse puts men in jail while women can falsely accuse and even if caught no prosecutor has any guts to prosecute. Forgot the name of the college where an African women filed rape charges and three whites were arrested. Even after receiving evidence that they are innocent, the prosecutor was hell bent on prosecuting for political reasons. Good thing they kicked him out. These guys there images are shattered. What happened to that woman? Nada…nothing. VAWA should be termed as Vicious Act of Women’s Atrocities.

      My own wife has assaulted me and I have taped confession of it. The DA is not interested in prosecuting. If it were other way around, I am sure I would have spend nights in jail.

    • invalid-0

      You waddling crazed fan of IMBRA who has so much time to troll around looking for people criticizing your love child, so you can defensively say, “Nuh-uh!” with no evidence to back you up. What is the danger in free-speech emails sent to a lithe smart man-loving non-feminist (gasp!) real woman prior to her receiving a man’s background information? That she’ll write back? Would that be one more chip off the crumbling pillar of American feminism?

      It seems like you want to be a traffic cop at a four-way intersection communication and meeting point. You fantasize holding two stop signs that say “IMBRA” on the opposite side (IMBRA is also the brand of your wistle). Three four-lane roads are traversed by bumper-to-bumper foreign women vehicles and American men vehicles traverse the one-lane fourth road. All drivers are competent, willfully got into their vehicles, have very strong passionate desire, and know exactly where they are headed:

      Right. Through. You.

      Two years at the intersection. Many IMBRA violators. Not one prosecution.


  • invalid-0

    Before you criticize the men that object to IMBRA, maybe you should learn about them and the law. These men are typically very successful lawyers, doctors and other professionals. We have no criminal backgrounds and have no interest in meeting women that have such a sick and twisted view of love as feminists do. Your article is the reason why we are willing to travel all over the world to find someone special. Your claim that “the rates of domestic violence are significantly higher for immigrant women than women at large” is a complete lie. Statistics show the exact opposite. The vast majority of violence against immigrant women is perpetrated by members of their own national origin, not by Americans.

    VAWA allows some women to commit immigration fraud. We do not want to use immigration to control women; they are free to leave. But they should not be free to commit fraud either. I am opposed to crimes against any person, not just against one gender. We do not wish to control women nor do we wish to be controlled by the government and that is what IMBRA does.

    IMBRA has nothing to do with immigration or preventing abuse of women. It is obvious you do not understand the law. If we passed a law to prevent all men with criminal backgrounds from marrying anyone, I would be 100 % for that. If Congress wanted to solely prevent criminals from sponsoring immigrants it could do that more easily than IMBRA and I would be all for that. I am far more against crime than you. But this is not what IMBRA does. It does not reduce crime against women, it only increases crime against men and women.

    If you study the patterns of immigration, you will see the same thing happening in Canada, but instead, women are more often victims of fraud and falsely accused of abuse because the gender ratio is opposite of what it is in the United States. This proves that it is a matter of fraud and not abuse.

    I was impressed by many women I met overseas, but I was more impressed by the caliber of men that I met. We are good people, we are not abusers and criminals. I am available for an in person (at my expense) or telephone interview and I will bring or invite other men who are seeking love in other parts of the world. You can evaluate us for yourself. That is my challenge to you and I doubt very much you will have the courage to confront in person us men that you defile so easily in print.

    • amanda-marcotte

      How you crazed fans of wife-buying have so much time to troll around looking for people criticizing you, so you can defensively say, "Nuh-uh!" with no evidence to back you up.  What is the danger of having your potential mail order bride knowing if you've beaten a woman in the past?  That she'll say no?  I hope, if you do beat women, it does make it hard for you to find a new victim.

      • invalid-0

        How about a law that requires an American woman on to tell me about her personal history? I would like to know before hand if a woman has ever had an abortion, ever been arrested for anything, ever had a civil judgment against them or was ever married. Furthermore, this information should be made available to everyone regardless of whether or not I meet them. There is no harm in that, now is there? Why not expand IMBRA to ALL matchmaking agencies including and require ALL people to make full disclousre of their personal backgrounds? Why should I become a victim of a woman with a checkered past? How would you like to have the tables turned on you? I bet you wouldn’t.

      • invalid-0

        The most violent and abusive act one human being can commit against another is to rip one’s own child from her womb. That is an abomination against God and Nature, and the most vile act of violence imaginable. As an advocate of abortion, how dare you ever call another person violent or an abuser. Hypocrite.

  • invalid-0

    Hey, SPQR-whatever!
    < br/>
    While you’re busy insulting Ms. Marcotte’s character instead of what she’s actually talking about, call her a poop-head! C’mon! It’s just as valid as all the other ad-hominem name-calling you’ve been slinging at her!
    < br/>
    C’mon! You’re so tough and brave to come here and sling such original and brilliant insults as “feminazi”! Surely, you won’t stop there?

  • invalid-0

    I am a young American man who made his mint in NYC and then moved to Central America 3 years ago. I have no criminal record and have nothing to hide. However, I oppose imbra because it requires me to prove that before I can COMMUNICATE (not marry or even go on a date) with a foreign woman. Please explain why this exact explicit fact about imbra is appropriate.

    Of course, I don’t abide by imbra and In the world outside of your failing feminist experiment in the US, here are some facts to brood over:

    American women have a bad publicity problem, and rightly so.

    Feminism does not matter, modern or otherwise. No need to define, redefine, remake, figure out, wonder about, or consider at all.

    Whatever momentum your “movement” has, it comes to a screeching halt at the Rio Grande.

    Folks around here never did see feminism as a threat or as powerful but merely as an annoyance while living in the U.S. and now, well, its just a source of humor. Plus you never have to concern yourselves with mens’ rights activists in this brave new world; they simply don’t exist…imagine that.

    Yep, your speeches, books, articles only apply to a few middle class elitists; a mere plop in the bucket relative to the women on the entire planet. Here in the good ol’ third world I and my fellow Americans (there are many here now, some with PFSD) are immersed in bevies of femininity and we do not respect or acknowledge or abide by the following:

    Work life balance
    Repro rights
    Marriage Broker Regulation Act
    Stay at home moms
    Body image
    Political correctness
    Title IX
    Take your daughters to work
    Affirmative action
    Tahirih Justice Center
    Maternity leave
    Cultural Marxism
    Ms Foundation
    Third party childcare
    Glass ceiling
    Paternity leave
    Linda Hirshman
    Male bashing
    Opt out myth
    Having it all
    Bonnie Erbe
    Pay equity
    Gloria Steinem
    Fish riding bicycles
    National Organization for Women
    Takes a village
    Mommy track
    Biological clock
    Wage gap
    Gender role
    Career vs family
    Cultural Marxism (repeated)
    Political correctness (repeated)
    …and blah blah, ecchh

    Because WE DON’T HAVE TO!!

  • invalid-0

    Amanda wrote:


    “What is the danger of having your potential mail order bride knowing if you’ve beaten a woman in the past? ”


    No danger at all. She should know as much as possible, especially if abuse is part of that past.


    The opposition to IMBRA has NEVER been about revealing information to anyone.


    The oppostion to IMBRA has ALWAYS been about the revealing of background information B E F O R E two adults who have already consented to communication with each other (like sending an email) are not legally permitted to START communicating until that information is sent to and approved by the woman.


    Of course, you already knew that. It has been stated many times during the past three years. But you choose to never mention your support for this aspect of the law and continue to attack the opposition by stating they are against revealing information in an attempt to make them look like they have something to hide and want to beat women. Then you use that logic to garner more support for feminist causes. Calm down.


    The reason for this communication restriction has NEVER been explained or justified by anyone including those who wrote IMBRA or support it to this day.


    So, Amanda, why do you feel it is justified? Help us to understand. Why did the writers of IMBRA include that provision in the law?

  • invalid-0

    Does IMBRA say that Americans are prohibited from contacting foreigners without submitting to background checks via ALL Internet dating sites including Match has thousands of foreign-women listings who join for free and can be contacted by anyone (who pays; based on their business model the paying member can make contact). If that is true,, Yahoo Personals etc, stand to lose A LOT of money because who wants their entire life on display just to send someone an email.
    Hey, I am a fairly big reader of news. So why am I just learning about this IMBRA law now? If it really will have all these negative affects, how come it was not in numerous editorials a year ago?

  • invalid-0

    where would you put the sending of a criminal background? Would it go after the two have talked, maybe even come to an arrangement? She’s seen her chance, has it all set up, and then finds out that he has a history of abuse. If she really wants in, if it’s a desperate enough situation for her, can you imagine how hard that would be to choose?
    And I don’t understand why a person with nothing to hide would object to disclosing this information. No history, no problem. You’re doing your part to protect these women you claim to respect from possible abuse. Also, being sure that men with a violent history aren’t talking to these women, you have less competition.
    I can’t understand why you wouldn’t support it.

  • invalid-0

    It doesn’t affect all internet dating sites, just the ones that cater to the sick bastards who are willing to pony up thousands of dollars to buy themselves a sex slave from overseas — the agencies that trade on the fact that these guys are absolute failures at forming normal relationships, but have a few bucks in their pocket to entice some impoverished and desperate woman from an economically depressed country to come back to America with him as his wife after spending a week or two with him. The conditional communication provision of IMBRA acts as a chaperone for the women during this brief “courtship.”
    By the way, I know who you are, Rona, and you don’t have everyone fooled.

  • invalid-0

    No one has ever objected to disclosing information. Stop being brainwashed.

    This is NOT about disclosing information. Get over it.

    The protection of women and all people is very important. Balanced laws are needed to maximize that protection. I very much support that. I do not support IMBRA because many of its provisions make it an unbalanced law. That is, the balance between fundamental constitutional rights and protection.

    You wrote:

    “If she really wants in, if it’s a desperate enough situation for her, can you imagine how hard that would be to choose?”

    Clearly, you assume that foreign women are feeble and weak and have less of an ability than you to think for themselves. Are you willing to tell her that and that you, her American feminist protector, knows better about how she should think? As it is, most (vastly most) foreign women do not hold American women in high regard. Try not to make it worse.

  • invalid-0

    I meant to write –

    Umm, are you willing to tell her that and that you, her American feminist protector, is smarter than she is and therefore more able to make sound decisions? Yep, yep, typical. Seems to be the basis of this entire IMBRA fiasco disaster.

  • invalid-0


    Although not directly about abuse or immigrant women, this is sort of related. It would be entertainment as a movie, but as reality it is very scary. The US feminist movement is not having the sort of global impact I envisioned.


    Among the many reasons to live in paradise and raise your kids in her country…

    …or be subject to feminist socialization schemes. Raising your children in Central America, South America, or Asia as you see fit is now also a political statement. Read the text from the link below – its nothing more than a scheme to get men (by getting at them while they are impressionable little boys) to participate equally in raising children and household chores. After all “feminists know best” and no level is too low for them in their quest for “equality.” In the end, we will have a less innovative, less competitive, and more feminized society. Their goal is “Swedenization” and your sons are the expendable pawns. Don’t give them the chance; raise your boys to be men.

    “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day”

    Oh, after a full day of mind bending, they encourage you to “download the activity books so that girls and boys can continue to learn and explore the future they envision.”

    Keep your bitter resentment out of my foreign-women dating life and your filthy feminist claws off my kids, thank you.

  • invalid-0

    I hear a lot of screed but little in the way of evidence from Feminazis. Here’s a link that’s fun

    At the end of the day the stats and all evidence point to the OPPOSITE of IMBRA’s point. The simple truth is that the statistics show men are less not more likely to commit these crimes. FBI data also shows that women are increasingly more likely to commit acts of violence than men in relationships. Illegal aliens who are already identified as criminals under US Federal Law are significantly more likely to commit assaults both public and domestic. Many come from criminal backgrounds in their home countries (30%) and lack education, a really great team huh?

    Of course let’s not forget the steamy secret loves of our feminazi sisters or their increasingly insatiable appetite for foreign men, of course being insufferable man hating whiners they usually end up paying for “satisfaction”:

    Being that oyu are all sooo convinced that western men are abusvie bastards what do you open minded ladies feel about your buddies Mike Nifong and Eliot Spitzer?

    Prince Eliot’s hypocritical and lying claims about men (other than his perverse self laid naked and bare:

    Feminazism’s poster boy Mike Nifong and their heroine Crystal Gail Magnum:

    Oh and I am not assaulting Amanda’s character. She likes to attack people for things like race and gender that they are born with and then feels comfortable making false claims about men religion and white men in particular. I can’t help that I was born white or male and there is nothing wrong with either that I even have to say that says in itself something abotu the cancer in our culture. She is entitled to her opinion and if she didn’t want a discussion about all these things she would not have published this blog. Amanda is a smart girl and she knows what she is doing. I don’t agree with her positions but I respect and defend her right to free speech.

    If I ever met her I would be respectful and let her know that again even if I disagreed that I’d also defend her right to publish.

  • invalid-0

    Uh personally I can’t imagine using a dating service period. I was at a nice place in Palo Alto CA the pther night waiting on some collegues and saw a group called “Dinner for 6”. The 1st woman was hot (for an American) but she was just the person from the company. Then the ladies who were there for the dates started showing up. All fat over 40 and over dressed. The men were the same only they were under dressed. The awkward sloppy fat guys talked mostly amongst themselves as did the homely matrons. It was sad I mean that I felt espcecially sad for the women. I know this might surprise you. I felt sad because here were people that most had had failed marriages but that society had taught this ugly fable to about life. They were taught it seems to me to be unhappy always, nothing was ever good enough and keep chasing something better. Well reality is that we get older and that the myths taught to women about men in our culture isn’t good for anyone especially society as a whole.

    Anyone using a dating service is desparate and is spending money to be there most dating services are in the US by the way and are filed with lonely deparate women with some cash or looking to score more. The men who use them are just as awkward comfused. It is a two way street sister.

    Personally I love traveling to Asia and enjoy being there and the people I meet. On one trip I met and fell in love with an exotic woman and we’v ebeen together ever since each day that I wake up and I feel silky skin and slim warm body pressed close I am so very thankful. She’s happy and I am happy. We knew each other for over a year before we married and nobody is controlling anybody it is very happy marriage. My mother who grew up in the country relates perfectly to my wife who grew up in the country half a world away (wonderful Oasis song btw of that title). They both share expereinces that strengthen social and family bonds. they both share values that lead to happy longlasting and loving relationships. Your strange contrived and dark lie abotu how these interracial marriages operate is a sad and dangerous lie.

    I didn’t expect to marry a dusky beauty from a far off land. A woman whose lithe body and cinnimon skin are complimented by a sharp mind and a wise heart. In fact as I write this I realize that I could easily see her as one of the women on the covers of those pulp adventure novels I read as a boy and young man. How is it bad that I or anyone got to have wholesome adventures around the world and met the woman of his dreams? I treat her like a queen and she wants for nothing I never raise my voice to her, not because I have chosen not to but rather that I can’t imagine ever doing so. I give to her all that I have but not because she asks, but because she gives so much to me so freely. How is this bad? Who does this hurt?

    Or is it that you don’t understand how to find happiness and want to deny it to others. Has your hatred and anger become so much a part of you that you are willing to spend what remians of your yourth in the refuge of rage and hatred. I understand that for you to do so demands you extinguish the opportunity for love in all those around you. I pity you, but I will be with my wonderful & exotic wife and we will be happy together. Our children will learn from us and our triumphs and our tribulations and that is the true way of the world.

  • invalid-0

    To your health my good man!

    BTW I enjoy the luxurious and wonderous lands of Asia. Aside from the temples, jungles mountains and history, I find that the devotion to family and the loving devotion of its women to marriage fill me happiness.

    What the feminist haters are missing is that they have a horrible name brand world wide, no one that has EVER been outside of Europe and America will even give them the time of day. American, and European men are trading in these dodgy, unstable and dangerous vipers for women who actually want to have a family and be married and grow old together, they are also EXTREMELY HOT.

    I mean it is like: do you want to drive a leaky squeaky blue smoke special 1988 Coupe DeVille dragging its muffler down the street? Or do you want to drive a hot Asian sportser, duh…and guess what the Asian or Latin super car is CHEAPER and better built!!!

  • invalid-0

    I am the admin of an anti-IMBRA website whose members include the media, university professors, men’s rights activists, feminists and lots of ordinary people.

    (I have posted accurate information about IMBRA on Amanda’s blog before but she would not allow it to be published. It seems that she does not control the comments here.)

    Our members include volunteer lobbyists in Washington who are attempting to get IMBRA repealed, and a cadre who are planning a legal challenge to the law. We also have a discussion forum and an expansive downloads section that contains the law, court decisions, research reports and even feminist research reports.

  • invalid-0
  • invalid-0

    It seems like you guys are missing the point.
    If things are so bad outside the borders, it proves that feminism does matter, and that it has made life tangibly better in America for women. By all means, go forth and enjoy your paradisaical existence wherein you are free to exploit others. I’ll stay here and, you know, enjoy the fulfilling life I’m able to build for myself because of feminism.

    Another thing you don’t seem to get, in all your crowing about how nobody wants to date a feminist, is that we don’t want anything to do with your ilk, either. I’d like to get married, have a family and grow old with someone someday, but it will not thankfully be an unequal union to a partner who doesn’t fundamentally respect me at all.

  • invalid-0

    Dude, chill.

    No one is trying to interfere with your indoctrination of your children. If you don’t want to take your daughter to work, then don’t. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel bad for children who are denied opportunity from the start, but it’s a free country and as long as you’re not abusive, you’ve got the right to teach your children that women aren’t equal human beings, that gays are part of a coordinated movement to raze civilization to ashes, or that Jews have horns and tails, and nobody is going to stop you. So, relax.

  • invalid-0


    On the contrary, things are much better outside the borders. Thank goodness for borders. Your misandrist laws are powerless and meaningless on 95% of the planet. Some “movement” you got.

    Exploit others? I can do that here or anywhere. However, I choose to do that nowhere. Feminist brainwashing is guiding your misinformed assumptions.

    Stay here you say? Of course, you and all women the world over want American men. Thanks to feminism, we were raised to treat women well and foreign women love us for that. Foreign men do not see you the same way. There is no match for you in the Third World. Your only real choice is to stay.

    The vast majority of men, including most American men, would prefer not to marry a feminist. Why would they? Unless of course they don’t know any better and limit their choices to middle class American women.

    The overwhelming majority of women in the world are not feminists. Why would we only allow our foreign brothers to enjoy that bounty? But don’t fret. Perhaps one day your movement will make some inroads; However, for now its a real dud, worthy only of occasional ridicule.

  • invalid-0

    All you’ve really done here is re-enforce my points; That it’s not better (for women) outside of the borders, and it’s puzzling that you seem to expect some sort of disappointment over the loss of something (the allegedly high population of misogynists among foreign men) that no one wanted to begin with.

    Outside the borders, apparently, it’s only better for the men, who aren’t burdened by the no doubt onerous and oppressive expectations of treating their fellow human beings as equals.

    It matters not to me whether 95% of the rest of the world abides by American law (in fact, it seems absurd to expect them to), anymore than it matters whether everyone in India watches American soap operas, or everyone in Uzbekistan wears American clothing.

    The fact that a largely American movement hasn’t had wide success outside of America doesn’t speak to ineffectiveness. As I said before, the movement has made vast and appreciable strides in changing the social structure of America and providing the increased opportunity and equality I am able to enjoy. It has been rather successful so far, but there is still, of course, work to be done.

    As for the rest of the world, social change needs to come from within to be effective. We’ve seen how effective imposing sweeping change from the outside is with Iraq. Feminism is certainly at work in other parts of the world, change has already been seen, and progress will continue.

  • invalid-0

    Creepy, creepy, creepy. Go have your little geisha girl or whatever. No self-respecting American woman wants you. We’re looking for partners, not masters.
    The comparison to cars is insulting, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. This All-American, fine-ass sports car doesn’t want your snooty behind in the driver’s seat. You wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

  • invalid-0

    I would like to see ALL dating agencies, foreign and domestic, require people only post RECENT pictures and reveal their ACTUAL weight. I am tired of arranging a date with what I believe is a normal looking human being only to be disappointed with a donut eating overweight cow. American women routinely understate their ages by 2 or 3 years and their weight by 20-30 pounds. Talk about Fraud !!

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    A person can be illegal if he stays in a country without a visa, with an expired visa or no working permit. Of course, there would be consequences if they do that. If the Immigration Agency found out about that, of course they will deport you and others, your name will be blacklisted. It will take you a long time to process your papers again.

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    Wow! I can’t believe so many people have ranted!! Interesting stuff, well worth a read and gasp!