Huckabee “Eggs” on Conservatives in Colorado

GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee endorsed Colorado’s “egg as a person” state ballot measure on Monday, but for whose benefit — Zygote Americans or his own dwindling political fortunes?

Huckabee made the announcement after spending time in Colorado Springs last weekend wooing religious conservative voters between a paid speaking gig at a Leadership Program of the Rockies event and a private chat with his old buddy, Rev. James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family.

While Huckabee’s endorsement is being ballyhooed in the press as a boon to the ballot measure, the Baptist minister and former Arkansas governor has a long record of attempting to not just ban abortion but also contraception. Likewise, Arkansas has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation and there is a staggering need for contraceptive services in a state where nearly half the women have no access to publicly funded family planning programs, as noted by the Guttmacher Institute. His support of Colorado’s proposed Amendment 36 is hardly a revelation to anybody paying attention.

Consequently, the endorsement begs a larger question: Who exactly is this helping?

The citizen initiative process to get a statewide measure on the ballot is fairly easy, some might say ridiculously so. Witness proposed Amendment 49 to impeach Sen. Hillary Clinton for spying on Americans with a “Superman camera” that can see through bedroom and bathroom ceilings.

That’s Colorado-style democracy in action. Or maybe inaction, depending upon your point of view.

In the meantime, Kristi Burton, the 20-year-old student at a Bible-based correspondence law school, and her organization, Colorado for Equal Rights, are working to get the “egg as a person” initiative on the November ballot.

Proponents are about halfway through the six-month time frame to collect the fairly low threshold of 76,047 signatures of valid registered voters. A couple of brisk weekends patrolling the parking lots of Colorado’s mega churches could take care of the petitions.

Enter Huckabee.

He won a scant 13 percent of the vote in the Colorado GOP caucuses and was positively clobbered by a 3-to-1 margin by ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in El Paso County — the hotbed of the state’s social conservative movement.

All told the Huckabee bully pulpit consists of fewer than 9,000 voters statewide — or 8.5 percent of the signatures needed to get the measure on the ballot.

With Romney now out of the race and Huckabee trailing badly in the national hunt for delegates, is Team Huck (gasp) pandering for the votes of Romney supporters among the religious right who can’t abide Sen. John McCain, the party’s presumptive nominee?

Trouble is, it’s not a leap of faith to assume that the “values voters” crowd who want an abortion ban and drastic curtailing of family planning services were already on the Huckabee bandwagon since Romney waffled on the issue so as not to offend his pro-business bloc, who are less driven by social issues.

So, there’s just not a lot of voters to be won there.

But in the madcap world of campaign publicity, it’s quite common for the darkest of the dark-horse candidates to take a controversial position in order to generate some badly needed press, which often turns into flush campaign coffers.

And on this score, Huckabee may very well declare “mission accomplished.”

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    It is time that we protect kids. Life begins at conception and there is no debating it. We have killed millions since the 70’s, and continue. Our excuse is “their not developed yet” but the truth is they have no idea of the progression of the development, and they don’t care to. Does the baby have a heartbeat? Isn’t that murder? Does the baby feel pain? I think Huckabee has a great point and has other great ideas for our country. Why hasn’t any republican stood up on this issue since Roe Vs Wade and gotten any legislation or made an attempt at it?

    Also, I’d like to see Mccain and Huckabee debate. This is America right? What’s wrong with hearing for ourselves what they stand for. I, for one, want to know that Mccain stands for more than war, slack immigration and gay marriage. All of which are important issues we face, and he only addresses war,war,war.

    Huckabee has been given the shaft by the media and is being ignored by the Huckabee camp to debate. you can sign the petition at

    This election isn’t over till WE say it’s over!

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    I’m pretty sure that the development from a fertilized egg to a fetus is understood. For example, a fertilized egg has no heartbeat, because it has no heart. And, because a fertilized egg has no nervous system, it doesn’t feel pain.

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    This argument should go both ways to show how ludicrous it is. If an egg is a person, then shouldn’t a sperm be a person too? And if so, shouldn’t men be penalized for killing thousands of would-be people by not keeping sperm where they belong?

  • invalid-0

    Every sperm is sacred
    Every sperm is great
    And if a sperm is wasted
    God gets quite irate.

    Or something like that. The best way to deal with people like Huckabee is with parody.

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    Abortion stops a beating heart, but so does stepping on a cockroach. A heartbeat is not what makes a fetus valuable.

  • invalid-0

    Let’s start building more prisons now!

  • invalid-0

    Who WE, keemosabe?

    Let’s find you and your ilk an island somewhere.

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    It has nothing to do with simply just an egg or sperm… It has to deal with the fertilized egg, the combination of both. Which is the being of life, conception. No one is saying just an egg alone or sperm alone is life. The arguement isn’t ludicrious, your completely invalid statement is.

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    If I may make a comment on why a fertilized egg should be considered a “human life”…

    An egg or a sperm cell alone are not capable of developing into anything else. That’s why I have no problem with spermicides as a method of birth control.

    But once they are joined- becoming a fertilized egg- they are the complete DNA package of a unique human being. They need nothing more than time, nourishment, and a protected environment to grow into a baby… just as a baby needs nothing more than time, nourishment, and a protected environment to grow into an adult.

    If we agree we should protect the life of a newborn baby (because it’s human and human life is inherently valuable), then where do we draw the line?

    That baby did not change as it exited the womb. So we must protect it in the moments before birth.

    Human life is precious and valuable completely aside from its ability to feel pain, or have conscious thought. That is why people are “human” and “precious” even when they are unconcious, numb, in a coma, or in any other vulnerable position.

    And that is why we must protect vulnerable lives from the point of conception.

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    Stating that the Colorado initiative is about legally defining an “egg as a person” is an error, and the comment from Anonymous at 11:29 shows that it is confusing the readers as well. There is a difference (as noted by “R.D”), and you’ll be unable to paint one side as being biologically inept while you yourself make a biological err.

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    you’d almost think there was nothing attached to that “womb” the baby “exits” from.
    I’m not sure if R.D. knows this but babies don’t “exit” from wombs – they are birthed by women – you remember, those human beings whose bodies are actually required for that DNA package to be nourished and grow?

    No one is telling you, R.D., or anyone else that you don’t have the right to believe that fertilized eggs are full human beings but with that decision you then leap to the conclusion that the fertilized egg should be endowed with the rights of an American citizen under the law. Just how do you propose, then, that women who miscarry (and, well, there are millions of us who do) be treated under the law? After all, it would then be accidental murder, no? What about a woman who chose to ride a bicycle while pregnant, falls, and miscarries at 6 weeks pregnant? What about the millions who drink alcohol (a glass of wine at dinner) because they dont’ know their pregnant and this causes a miscarriage at 4 weeks? Tell me where do YOU draw the line?

    This idea that your belief should be turned into the law of the land is completely untenable and impedes on the rights of women and their families to chose when to bring life into this world.

    As much as you have the right to make a decision about when life begins for your own body, you do not have the right to impose that belief on all female citizens of the United States. You don”t have the right to force women to bear children against their will. Women have become pregnant accidentally or unintentionally since time began and you must accept that as part of life – women are fertile for upwards of 40 years. We ovulate and menstruate on average 17 times a year – which means a lot of chances for mistakes to happen regardless of how careful one is.

    So, please, feel free to tell yourself or your family that a fertilized egg should be endowed with the full rights of a person but your belief system will never be accepted as universal – no matter how many laws are passed or not. Women will always seek to control their own fertility – either safely or unsafely, you decide which.

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    If McCain has the nomination locked up, what has he got to lose with 1 debate? Free airtime for him. But if he refuses he looks bad.

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    of birth in nine months. A percentage of fertilized eggs either fail to implant, or they spontaneously abort before 12 weeks. Birth defects will also take their slice of developing fetues, even the wanted ones. That is why I don’t believe a fertilized egg is worth more than the woman carrying it. They have no self awareness of anything, much less their “rights”. Just who is going to protect an eggs “interest” anyways? And it’s not right for special interest groups to force their beliefs down the throats of others. This proposal is a Very Bad Idea because it is demeaning to women.