Who Is “Us?”

Ever since Edwards dropped out of the race, a lot has been said about the feminist vote. We have the NY chapter of NOW telling us that the obvious feminist choice is Clinton, and anyone who suggests differently (even Senator Kennedy!) is betraying "us."

Yeah, but who's "us"? The loads and loads of news I have read or watched suggesting that a vote for Obama is a vote against feminism is irritating. To be honest, I don't even know which candidate I prefer yet, but telling me that I need to vote a certain way, based on certain demographic characteristics just to be a "good feminist" is a sure-fire way to alienate me. Sorry, I prefer to vote based on issues that are important to me, such as reproductive health, not on genitalia.

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    Nicely said, Hannah. No one “owns” feminism. And the hope we have for feminism to continue is with young women like yourself! Vote the way your feminist conscience tells you to!