We the People Have Something to Say

Today is the biggest day in what has been one of the longest and most hard fought presidential primary elections in the history of this country. The outcomes of the more than 20 primaries and caucuses taking place today will be analyzed and debated intensely. Winners and losers will be declared by many different people in many different ways today but the real winners this election cycle are the citizens of this great nation.

It has been a long time since Americans have been this engaged in the electoral process. It has been a long time since Americans have been this excited to exercise their individual right to have their voice heard. Voter apathy arises for many reasons but it seems to me the greatest cause of this recent spell of apathy has been an overwhelming sense that government has lost sight of its purpose to serve all the people of this country. For decades now the government has seemed to be much more responsive to the demands of big corporations, lobbyists and resource-rich foreign nations than it has to those of the 47 million Americans who cannot afford health insurance or the 34 million Americans who live in poverty and can no longer afford to climb the rungs up the ladder of the American dream. It is ironic, then, that the administration that is more than partially responsible for pushing Americans out of their political apathy has lifted the art of ignoring popular demand in favor of its own ideas to a glorious new level.

It is thoroughly heartening for my young soul to see America so hopeful about this country's capacity to change because hope means votes. Democracy is the responsibility of every citizen and when we take up that responsibility in mass the everyday American becomes an unstoppable political force. Please join the millions of Americans who will smash voter-turnout records today. Please add your voice to the vast chorus who will cast a ballot or stand and caucus on this historic day for our country.

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    The candidates are owned by Wall Street. What American taxpayers want means nothing. McCain is proving that by trying to slam amnesty down our throats even tho he knows 85% of Americans voted against it. He claims he is doing this out of compassion. And with him being ahead he must have convinced some voters of this.

    But in my opinion he is aiding the North American Union which will not only hurt Americans but will hurt the illegals as well.
    Why is he not asking the important questions? Mexico is a very wealthy country. Why hasn’t Calderone and Fox and their corrupt leaders created jobs with a decent wage for their people? Aren’t they ashamed that after all these years their people have to leave their home country to feed their children? Why do they allow Americans to bring their company to Mexico and pay their people slaves wages? Aren’t they ashamed that they have to come to America and take jobs from Americans. Aren’t they ashamed that they have to take handouts like welfare from Americans in order to exist. Aren’t they ashamed that their people are forced to flee their own country at the risk of their lives.
    By fighting to give all this to illegals he is only hurting them because America will be a third world country and the illegals will find that they will end up in a place no better than what they left.
    John McCain brags about his compassion for illegals.But his compassion is not so great that he tried to keep them from being exploited for slaves wages by big business for years. He doesn’t care about illegals. He has sold his soul for the Mexican vote. And if he gets open borders like he and others want, Mexicans will suffer just as Americans will suffer.
    Why doesn’t Mexico use it’s wealth to create a country that will support their people and keep them safe from the drug dealing,kidnapping thugs that rule it now.
    I am not a heartless racist. I have had friends of different races all my life, including Mexicans. And I have more compassion for them than McCain or any of the other candidates that are proamnesty. They are exploiting these people. What they want is the North American Union which once they get it, they will treat the illegals as badly as they are now treating Americans. While the jobs are being outsourced, we and Mexicans alike will be standing in line for low paying jobs. They want to see the elites of America sitting in their lavish guarded homes on the hill and look down on poverty, just as Mexico, India, etc do now? The only way Mexicans can be truly helped is to begin in Mexico by making it’s wealthy leaders provide jobs with a decent wage and medical care.