Identity Politics Plague Democratic Party

More and more returns are coming in, and it seems like the race is still pretty much anyone's to win.

And I still don't know who I'd rather have take the nomination. I'm registered to vote in Michigan, where the choices in the Dem primary were between Clinton and anyone else, due to candidates dropping out of the race since we had no delegates (Thanks for moving the primary up against the wishes of the DNC, Michigan. Thanks.)

And so here is my problem. All these weeks of playing up identity politics, calling out feminists for not wanting to vote for Clinton, suggesting that blacks had a duty to vote for Obama, and…and… and… has lessened my faith in the results of this primary.

If Clinton gets the nomination, did she do so because she is truly the best on the issues, and the voters have faith that she can move the country in a positive direction? Or is it because racism played that tangible a part in the voters' choices? Is it because women felt required to do so, lest they be "bad" feminists or women? Or is it because people will take Hillary just to get Bill?

If Obama wins, similar questions come into play. Was sexism the reason Clinton didn't get the nomination, or is it because Obama has the best plans for the country? Is it because the voters don't want to see the same two families dominating American politics for over 20 years?

I'm a firm believer in voting on the issues, and it saddens me to know that no matter what way tonight turns out, I'll worry that identity politics shaped the outcome of the Democratic primaries.

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