“E” is For Excellent at RH Reality Check

This is like a chain letter that you actually want to receive and pass along.

The amazing Rachel, writer of the blog Women's Health News, and contributor to Our Bodies, Our Blog showed RH Reality Check's blog some love when she gave us the "Excellent" award!

Women's Health News is a great source for news and information on a range of women's health issues – and she's got a great resource page with links to direct service and advocacy organizations that women can contact with information on everything from cancer to birth to sex-ed.

So, without further ado, here are the blogs RH Reality Check would like to bestow the "Excellent" award upon:

  • Birthcontrolwatch.org – Cristina Page is always on point when discussing contraception and abortion. We love her and never cease to learn something new from her posts on the blog at birthcontrolwatch.org!
  • Radical Doula – If you haven't read any of Miriam Perez's blog posts on RH Reality Check or Feministing, you're missing a lot. Miriam blogs at Radical Doula and works at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. Her perspective – as a reproductive health activist as well as a doula – is so unique and necessary!
  • Pandagon – What can you say about Amanda, Pam and the rest of the Pandagon bloggers? There are no words minced. Amanda doesn't pander when it comes to writing about sexual and reproductive health and rights – thank god.
  • Reproductive Rights Professors Blog – If you want the most current news on reproductive rights around the country, from state-level legislation to President Bush's latest stomping on women's reproductive rights, check out this blog. You won't be sorry. And it's written by a real professor!
  • Women's Bioethics Project Blog – Fascinating look at the bioethics of women's health written by scholars and public policy analysts. It's even got its share of pop culture posts as well.

I'd love to know what blogs you'd give an "Excellent" award to! Comment away and let us know!

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    We love your blog, too! Thank you, thank you!

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    I love having the opportunity to publicly thank and recognize blogs we love :). Thanks, Linda!

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    Hah, thank you, thank you! I’m here beaming at my computer glad folks appreciate the breadth & scope (which can also be read as “someone likes the pop culture, thank god!”).


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    We’re bringing on our own pop culture writer (it’s still a secret – shhh) in the coming days! We LOVE it – nice work, Kelly!