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    What if you had a “Republican” father that you thought it might be great to expose to a “different” way of thinking about reproductive health than he might normally be used to, but you didn’t want to give him something “really” “liberal” or “feminist”? What should you give him?

    NB my excessive problematizing via quotation marks :)

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    Thank you so much for including the National Network of Abortion Funds on your Gift Guide — it’s fantastic!

    I wanted to let you and your readers know that right now, NEW donors to the Network who contribute $50 or more will receive a gift from Katha Pollitt of The Nation. Katha has offered a personally signed copy of her new book “Learning to Drive: and Other Life Stories” to all new donors to the Network’s National Reproductive Justice Fund.

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    The Fund provides direct financial assistance to low-income women across the country who are facing extreme obstacles to abortion care. Over 70% of the women helped through this Fund are in their second-trimester and struggling to scrape together what often amounts to at least 1-2 thousand dollars. Also, oftentimes other serious circumstances are at play.

    Please consider becoming a new donor to the Network this holiday season!

    Thanks so much! Contact Megan @ the Network with any questions — megan@nnaf.org or 617-524-6040.

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    Oooh, GOOD question, ANP! I have been wracking my brain for a recommendation ever since you posted your comment (while simultaneously bemoaning the fact that several such gifts didn't immediately come to mind–we should get on that!!). I will keep looking & asking around, but in the mean time, here are the best suggestions I can come up with off the top of my head:


    1. It's not exactly something you can wrap up, but if you & your dad (like me & my dad) occasionally exchange links to articles we find interesting, here are a couple of particularly persuasive, non-polemic suggestions:

    Frances Kissling on the common ground of preventing the need for abortion:

    http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/2006/10/04/should-abortion-be-prevented (also published by Salon)

    Elizabeth Wardle talks about her conversion to supporting safe & legal abortion:



    2. I find that some of the most persuasive arguments for safe & legal abortion challenge us to confront what always happens when abortion is illegal: women regularly risk their lives and often die seeking illegal abortions. To that end, this is an amazing book by two Chilean OB/GYNs who both became committed to ensuring women's reproductive rights when they were young medical students in Chile watching countless women be brought into the emergency room every day with complications from illegal, unsafe abortions:


    Also, From Danger to Dignity (featured above, you can actually watch
    the whole thing online here: http://www.archive.org/details/from_danger_to_dignity_spanish_sub) is just about the most persuasive & enlightening thing I've ever seen about abortion in the U.S.–it breaks down the pre-Roe movement for reproductive rights, but most interestingly, it highlights a number of unlikely heroes in the struggle to make abortion legal in the U.S., including Republican legislators, clergy, and doctors. Might be an interesting holiday viewing choice??


    Sadly, though, I'm not sure any of these suggestions really answer your question–ideally, I'd like to recommend something that isn't overtly "about" reproductive health/rights but that might shift your dad's thinking on the topic. Let me do some more research and see what I can come up with…and meanwhile, if any other readers have any recommendations, please chime in!



  • amanda-marcotte

    Early to Bed is selling sex toy gift sets where part of the profits go to charities like abortion access funds, etc.

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    Andrea, thanks for those fantastic suggestions.

    I’d also like to recommend:

    This coming Tuesday – December 18th – stay tuned for our feature post by writer, Anna Clark. You will find it in the upper left corner on our home page. I think it may provide you with some insight into how you might go about providing perspective on this issue to your father.

    Anna identified as “pro-life” for a long time and will write about not only her journey towards becoming pro-choice but other women’s journeys as well. Anna’s piece, I’m sure, will shine a bright light on what the impetus, and/or personal revelations were for her shift in thinking and she’ll tell the stories of other women’s shifts as well!

    I hope you check back next Tuesday, ANP! I think the article may provide just what you’re looking for :).


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    Books- The Red Tent by Anita Diamant A moving fictionalized account of women from the Old Testamaent and their reproductive realities including infertility, obstructed labor, maternal mortality, gender-based violence and polygamy.

    DVDs: Citizen Ruth : In this dark comedy, Laura Dern portrays a aerosol can sniffing pregnant mother who is tossed between the “pro choice” and “pro life” movements.

    Organizations: One by One to support giving cirlces that fund Obstetric fisutla repair and prevention. They have a holiday appeal that is raising funds to replace the operating table at the Baganda hospital in Tanzania. The current table is being held together with duct tape – literally.
    As for Republican fathers – a box of chocolates and a copy of Caddie Woodlawn with the pages highlighted where Caddie’s father talks about why he raised his daughter to be strong and brave like a boy.

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