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    “WHY do Men Rape Women?” This question is a simple as it is sublime. And the answer is just as basic: because Men can forcibly overpower women with greater AGGRESSIVENESS! Note (…and IMPORTANTLY so…!) that I did NOT say greater “strength.”

    For “over-Powering,” by dint of even the most non-etymological interrogation of this term, has more to do with LEVERAGING power, than with HAVING power inherently. Men’s greater physiological access to power comes into play only AFTER they have manipulated both the Situation, and the Woman, to a power-diminished stage that thereby enables the man to use the power that he has just, effectively – LEVERAGED.

    Of course, Women have their own Power-source; one EQUALLY potent as a leveraging-tool. What, and how is this Women’s Power deployed? It is her OWN propensity to be either AS aggressive, or to act as COUNTER-aggressively as the Man. I make the above assertion noting once again that “power,” and the manner in which it might be wielded Human-against-Human, has more to do with AGGRESSION than with natural Strength. For example, when the attention-grabbing “action movie’s” opening scene, or even the nightly news media, provide “their” audiences with sensational Words-and-Pictures of a woman’s so-called “Brutal rape and Murder,” what do WOMEN (…as The Next Possible Victims of such a crime…) do/discuss next day – at the water cooler? At the office cafeteria? At the after-work bar? Probably the latest movie. Most likely how their plans for next month’s holiday are coming along. Anything, in fact, than the fact that, according to the SAME news media watched by their MALE colleagues, MALE friends and MALE family-members: “a woman was Brutally Raped – BY A MAN and Murdered – BY A MAN last night.”

    For such real and real-life discussion would be considered too “unsettling” for their MALE social peers. And we all know how Woman – as trained so to be, “prefer” to be Visually and Verbally “decorative.” The Nice, Pretty Outfit….that satiates the Male Gaze. The Nice, Pretty-Light Conversation…that does not offend Male Sensibilities. Hence, WOMEN DELIBERATELY CEDE THEIR POWER TO RETALIATE AS POTENTIAL MALE-VICTIMS…CHOOSING, WITH NAUSEATING SADNESS INSTEAD…TO PRETEND – SELF-DEFEATINGLY SO – WITH THEIR NON-AFFECTED MALE ASSOCIATES – THAT NOTHING OF ANY VITALLY DISCURSIVE IMPORTANCE HAS HAPPENED TO ANYBODY…OF ANY VITAL IMPORTANCE.

    In short, Women at such times effect severe psychic self-damage, by shift-shaping their Social WOMAN-Selves, or their Corporate WOMAN-Selves, or even their Familial WOMAN-Selves, into a NON-AGGRESSIVE FE-MALE BODY whose MIND…via her POTENTIALLY-AGGRESSIVE MOUTH…; and whose ATTITUDE… via her POTENTIALLY-AGGRESSIVE ACTIONS/WORDS…do not ‘ATTACK’ and ‘WOUND’ these Male Representative-SYMBOLS of, and causative to, her own suffering.

    Thus, as far as deployment goes, Women INVARIABLY CHOOSE NOT TO self-access this their OWN Self-EMPOWERING…and ultimately Life-saving tool of AGGRESSION.

    As such, it may be said that while Women NEVER “Ask” for Rape or any form of Male-attack, they invariably “Non-Negotiate” their AGGRESSIVE POWER away to such a state of nothingness, that inexorably causes this real and really-effective Power, to be ignored and ultimately devalued/not feared by Men. Men to whom Women instead CHOOSE TO hourly-and-daily give NOTHING – word or deed, of themselves to be Feared. To be Avoided. To Render these same Men-would-be-Attackers UN-comfortable within Women-as-potential-Victims’ presence.

    In fact, Women tend to DELIBERATELY (…and with futile cowardice…) “aid” men during such debates. For when Men shift Rape’s topic-focus onto matters of “Dressed like a Slut..,” or “…She asked for it…,” Women do NOT ratchet up the topic-gear into “DRESSED LIKE A SLUT?…BUT MEN RAPE FILTHY HOMELESS/STREET PEOPLE…” or: “ASKED FOR IT?…BUT MEN RAPE BABIES-IN-PAMPERS…(sometimes their OWN!)as their OWN verbo-cognitive COUNTER-ATTACK. Women instead seek desperately to place as much dress-standard distance between themselves (as “Nice-and-Nicely-Dressed Women”) and the Rape Victim (as an – agreed – Half-Dressed Slut), as is possible. What does this achieve – for the Woman, and for the Man? The Woman thru’ (DELIBERATELY!) ceding her AGGRESSIVE COUNTER-ATTACK option, effectively donates her own POWER over to the quota already being wielded against her by the Man. Perhaps that is why Women talk about feeling “helpless..,” or “out of their depth..” during such debates. They FEEL the heavy weight of their own AGGRESSIVE-POWER, but psycho-socially inscribed “weaknesses” such as Decorum, and Taste undermine what should amount, and inevitable so, to POWER-DEPLOYMENT. So that instead of AGGRESSIVELY DEPLOYING THEIR OWN POWER WHEN ATTACKED BY MEN, Women do what they “see” themselves Made-to-Do in Male-Created Movies doing in the Movies. And yes, we have ALL seen these scenes, have we not? The Male-threatened Woman with fumbling/trembling/inept hand pointing the Gun (..as – even in the movie, her ACCEPTED Weapon of Aggressive Power, held by her, and as such ACCEPTED to be used by her AGAINST the Man..)- only to drop it, and ultimately to “lose” her momentary “control” of the Man/Situation. A “loss” that results in the Woman inexorably (..and DELIBERATELY..!) TURNING HER OWN SELF BACK INTO A MALE’S VICTIM!

    And such is the EXACT case with Women’s deliberate Non-accessing of their own POWER OF AGGRESSION in dealing with Men in real life. During Social, Corporate and Familial inter-action. Men will continue to be allowed (..by Women…)to Rape Women, as long as Women continue to allow Men to exist within a corporate and/or socio-familial COMFORT ZONE; one that continues to be NON-AGGRESSIVELY CHALLENGED by THE POWER OF A WOMAN TO – PUBLICALLY – CALL/SEE/ACCUSE/BLAME MEN AS THE RAPISTS THEY THEMSELVES CONTINUE TO FEEL FREE TO BE -IN PRIVATE.

  • harry834

    your distinction between inherent strength and leveraged strength. I also like how you acknowledge that aggression has a legitamite place in conducting the conversation against ignorance.

  • harry834

    I hope every man reads Denise's comment below because I think its important for understanding how the comfort zone plays a role in silencing needed conversation. Thank you, Denise.

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    Interesting article, though extremely biased against men and very poorly written. The article has so many qualifiers and caveats as to embarass Swiss Cheese.
    The author’s obvious bias is clearly delineated by the fact that she readily acknowledges that almost half the accusations of sexual abuse are filed by men in prisons, though she feels no compulsion to mention the barbarity of what men go through. Apparently it is of no concern to her since she mentions nothing of their plight which is much more difficult then a woman’s.
    The author also confuses the term Sexual Abuse with a woman freely utilzing sex as a means to obtain what she wants. Under the definition of “sexual abuse,” logically it is SHE that is doing the abusing.
    Furthermore, the article implies that all guards are male, when in reality the majority of the guards are female. Unfortunately the article does not clearly state this.
    Lastly any woman raped by a male guard has the option of accusing the guard and also having a rape exam.
    And should a woman become pregnant via sex by a prison guard, she can always have a DNA test done to establish both paternity and guilt.
    It certainly would be nice to read an informative article without the misandric bigotry and misinformation.

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