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    Simply more propaganda for pseudo aliments so the drug industry can continue victimizing the ignorant.

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    that medication isn’t always an answer and that the pharmaceutical industry’s quest to over-medicalize every condition in order to provide a “drug-remedy” is out of control. However, it does not follow therefore that there are no conditions for which medication can help. PPD is a very real and terrifying disorder that steals lives – anti-depressants/anti-anxiety medication have been shown to help some women through those periods so that they can move through and past the experience.

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    Perhaps the author of this comment would care to offer some useful information to women who live in the agony of postpartum depression. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath on this however, given the lack of compassion and insight into the issue that is evident in the comment.

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    but they’re certainly been able to help more people than they hurt. We’re very lucky to live in an age where many aliments there were death sentences (or slow death sentences) are able to be treated- if not cured- or excellent palliative care provided to manage the disease or condition. (Sadly, we’re not so lucky in that crazed religious whackos think that they can dictate what other people should do with their bodies based on their version of ‘morality’.)
    When drugs get advertised on tv and people come into a doctor with aliments that they feel they have a doctor can’t deny care- only advise. People become convinced that they have these “pseudo-ailments” and want the drugs that they see advertised on tv. it goes both ways- it’s not just the big bad drug companies strongarming people into pill popping.
    There’s more elements to it (lack of funding for critical medical research such as stem cells) and it’s a big mess- far too big to get into with just a blog comment! (I work for an IRB so I’m aware of all the paperwork and stages of research that go into getting a drug approved and in use.)

    The fact that very little money is actually put into research on women specific health issues is very dissappointing and I’m glad for any little revelations about post partum depression (and other women specific ailments) as women get told STILL that “it’s just in our heads” and that we should go home and take care of everyone else but ourselves.

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    We included it in this week’s web wrap at http://www.thenestbaby.com

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    This is a good local article, may I distribute it at our next PPD benefit?
    I emailed you and RHRC, but haven’t heard back :)

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