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    My birth control pills cost me $52.99 a month.
    An early term abortion costs $460.00 where I live.

    Far too many low income women (which, technically I am one of) gamble on not getting pregnant. My physican’s (who performs abortions) assistant told me soooo many of their patients do just that, and let’s face it – if you didn’t spend the money on the pill (which I can barely afford and I work 2 jobs!)and you went 8.7 months without getting pregnant you’ve spent the same money. My boyfriend and I got pregnant after 2 years. Am I financially stupid for spending the $52.99 a month not to? As a bookkeeper I can tell you – on paper the answer is yes.

    If these low income women could get their pill for a price they could AFFORD… Do YOU think there would be fewer abortions? HELL YES!!!

    Getting women the help they need means more than just helping them pay for the abortion after the fact. REAL help would be if we all could afford the damn birth control in the first place!

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