Mike Gravel: A Woman’s Right To Life

Senator Gravel may not be a "front-runner" for the reality-show-we-call-the-2008-presidential-election. In fact, in the July 23rd CNN/YouTube debate, Gravel complained he was not given enough air time. But how do you not love a guy who holds such an unwavering commitment to women's rights?

From his stance on the right to legal abortion to his advocacy on behalf of same-sex marriage and adoption, Senator Gravel models the consistent, authoritative position we'd all like to see the candidates take on women's rights.

Reproductive health for women and men may not be central to his political life or his current campaign, but Mike Gravel clearly holds a progressive stance on most of these issues.

During his twelve-year tenure as Senator for Alaska, Gravel voted for pro-choice legislation 100% of the time – when he was not absent from voting.

What follows is a statement we received from the Gravel campaign on Senator Gravel's position on women's health and rights:

Senator Gravel understands that there are many reasons why a woman might choose to have an abortion; rape, birth defects, accidental pregnancy, threat to her health. His position is that any discussion on abortion should not be based solely on ethics, but rather, the proper role of government when it comes to a women's body and her health.

Throughout his twelve years in the US Senate, Senator Gravel advocated for women's rights, including reproductive rights. The Senator will continue to advocate for a women's right to choose.

He issued the following statement on the recent Supreme Court decision limiting a woman's reproductive rights:

"I am opposed to today's ruling that places restrictions on reproductive freedom. Today's decision authorizes federal intervention to prohibit a procedure that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has found at times to be medically necessary. Any decision on abortion should remain between a woman and her doctor. There is no room for interference from politicians and judges."

Senator Gravel believes that supporting reproductive rights is to embrace a "pro-life" position. A woman's right to terminate her pregnancy stems from the fact that she has a right to her life and to do with it as she sees fit.

In supporting women's rights in society, the Senator has always felt that war is a sexist institution. It is estimated that 90% of all war casualties this century are civilian men, women and children. The culture of war perpetuates violence in society, which in turn results in violence towards women. One need only look at the rise in domestic violence cases towards women in time of war to know that violence in the battlefield comes home.

By supporting women's rights, Senator Gravel firmly supports women's rights to love and marry as they choose. He unequivocally supports same-sex marriage and adoption and opposes the Defense of Marriage Act. He also strongly opposes the military's 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' legislation on the grounds that it is unconstitutional, as it restricts the rights of gay men and women. As President, he will issue an executive apology to all service members excused from military duty on the basis of their sexual orientation.

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    Right on! Bill Clinton turned the Democrats into the party of big business and wall street bankers. The same folks who brought you the Bush Administration are now tripping over each other to buy off Hillary and Obama. Don’t be fooled…if you vote Hillary or Obama, you will get Politics As Usual & More of the Same. Vote Gravel in November, ’08!

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    Tells it like it is! I was so happy to hear Mike let them have it. It’s amazing to see all the Democrats line up behind Hillary and Obama. I know they really want to win but stop for a second and look at who got us where we are today. Sorry but it wasn’t just George and his looser friends. The democrats have been playing along forever. No one has the guts to stand up to the War Dealers. No One has the guts to stand up to the insurance companies. It’s going to be just like the good ‘ol 90s, they’ll just smile and wave and blow a few notes on the saxaphone. The republicans will run around trying to sabatoge everything she does, and the whole country will slide further into oblivion.

    Get out while you can. Or elect someone like Mike Gravel!

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    Mike Gravel, May Seem like a gumpy old man, something I may appear to be as well, I am 37. This äppearence”Is due to a few things but ONE major charcteristic, The Deep Undiluted knowledge, of what mankind as a whole tends to be..And as One who sees what Mike Geravel does I know. If you look at him again, Or just watch a few videos of him talking, You see a few things you DO NOT in any other candidate(possibly Ron Paul). These traits are 1) Speaking with out stoping to think up answers…This comes from telling the truth, It has been said, Give anyones speachs to much rope and they’ll fuck it up. This IS True of most ALL Politicans, Mike Gravel Could speak for say…% straight months(as in his filibuster) and not lie once or be tempted to do such. 2) Mike Gravel Truly Cares for all people, all races, all shapes,sizes, and capacities for thought. This is the marking of a Truly Great Thinker. 3) Mike Gravel Acts The way he talks..No Bullshit. 4) Mike Gravel Does Not Take any BS, Nor does he give it. 5) Mike Gravel Is By Nature a Happy Man.Happy to simply be, His anger comes, only while caring for others and seeing them make mistakes,another Heart felt charecteristic, That gives one great troubles/worries, and Still yet he gives. 6) Mike Gravel KNOWS The miltary VERY Well, He know weapons,are strength, and How to use it. 7) Mike Gravel Chooses to let others Think for themselves, and does not Scare people into thinking as he does, He belives, If you tell the truth It will attract voters, It has and does.8)Mike Gravel Could Run for either party,minus the equality he feels for same sex couples.
    As A single hetero sexual man. I am not scared his fairness with these people, will turn me gay, nor would I let qualified military personall go for no other reason than sexual preferance. As a Man who Has, NO OTHER Agreement with you people(all americans), OTHER Than The Constitution we all should live by, Feel very strongly that we can all get along under his leadership. I am a Freedom loving Man who would be willing die for such. And I will accept nothing less than freedom, of speach, religon, opinions, and I like to smile. Mike Gravel, Lets me smile again, even if his run is short, (I know better) I am Glad he is putting it all out there for US TI DECIDE, Every should respect that,
    In case you all do not know, Letting the People choose, Comes at a very high price,at tines the ultimate price, and anyone whom puts themself in that position for no other reson than it is what a Leader should do is a Human of the highest caliber, such as a Washington, or a Jefferson, or a Franklin,etc. Since he is doing all this for YOU, don’t you owe it to Yourself, and Every Solider who Gave Their Lives,so you might hear such a leader speak. Listen,Hear,Talk, Act, Vote..Thank You My Fellow Americans..
    “Peace When EVER Possible, Anything Is.”

    p.s. sorry if that was a bit drawn out,, but I am not a professinal writer(or speller, lol), But I will no longer , …Not at least try. Take Care