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    Yes, indeed, how DARE they? but they do, day in and day out. I wanted to alert others to the activities of Operation Save America in their home city of Charlotte NC where they not only picket, but also play loud music and harass women and staff at Family Reproductive Health. They even wrestled and beat up the director, all the time spewing their distortions and lies. The local authorities have been largely unresponsive. Two things you can do– support the staff at these clinics and speak out to the authorities. Thank you!

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    Wonderful post. Thank you.

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    Andrea – Powerful post!
    Brought me right back to my time with Op Rescue sieges and the fears and tears I felt today are as fresh as ever. There is nothing civil or decent or caring or courageous about this groups or its tactics. They have revealed their intolerant and abusive agenda. They entice and incite a scary fringe who sees a place seemingly accepting of their abusive and, too often, violent behavior.

    Looking for communities, women and families to stand up to these bullies. Support your local women’s healthcare providers. Call on law enforcement to protect them and let these bullies know they are not wanted, not needed and will not be tolerated in any of our communities – not any more!

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    Kudos on this outstanding piece Andrea. Nothing could be more clear than the fact that Operation “Siege” America is fomenting unrest, acting in undemocratic ways, and is about as far removed from Dr. King’s notion of non-violence as one could possibly be. Your story, along with Ms. Lyons’ helps put the lie to these most anti-life people. Their quest of headlines, material for fund raising letters and manipulation of people is far outside the mainstream, but separated only by degree from those whose kinder and gentler anti-woman policies allow Operation Siege America to continue to function.

    Be the change you seek,

    Scott Swenson, Editor

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    Thank You Andrea, for reminding us all about the terror these people can insite into the hearts and minds of clinic workers that are just doing their job to give women a safe place to go and get an abortion, annual exams & birth control. I own a clinic in Florida, we have been thru a few things ourselves but nothing like Alabama. Good for you ..This was a great post for everyone to see. Civil Right’s movement …I don’t think so.

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    These OSA devils must not be allowed to prsue their agendas unheeded. Just yesterday, they were responsible for the vicious and despicable verbal attack on a Hindu spiritual leader who was invited to the Senate to give a prayer. My own prayer is that enough Americans start to feel horrified by these OSA devils that we somehow force these evildoers to pay some kind of price.

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