One Woman Can!

A recent headline screams, "What Kills One Woman Every Minute of Every Day?; A. Heart attack; B. AIDS; C. Childbirth." Childbirth can be a dangerous proposition for women in many parts of the world without access to proper health care – and of course the poorest women are the most vulnerable. In this day and age, childbirth is still the leading killer of women.

Our monthly series leading up to Women Deliver: A Global Conference will explore the issue of safe motherhood in depth. But with a president who makes snap political plays that result in the disastrous defunding of programs that could reduce maternal and newborn mortality significantly, we need more than words to remedy this problem.

Americans for UNFPA initiated a campaign this month called One Woman Can that calls on the president to restore funding to the UNFPA for women's health programs around the world. And we can all make a difference by signing on. Come on, people. These are WOMEN'S LIVES we're talking about. I mean, for all of the talk the anti-choicers do about the sanctity and protection of human life, you'd think they'd support programs that actually do something to save women's lives.

So sign the petition telling President Bush to "Release the Funds"! Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-NY) has introduced the Women's Health and Dignity Act to restore these funds. Help a guy (and millions of women) out, would ya?

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