Brownback Rapes Body Politic

Greetings from Kansas, where I am home with family starting a summer of writing on the road. Kansas is also home to Sen. Sam Brownback whose presidential campaign has yet to crest the two percent mark in most GOP polls. He trails even "None of these candidates." If there were a percentile ranking for compassion, he would rank even lower.

Speaking before the National Catholic Men's Conference, Brownback said women who become pregnant from rape or incest should carry the pregnancy to term.

Brownback's argument follows a preverse "two wrongs don't make a right" logic for which the assembled Catholic men gave him a standing ovation. Without any discussion of the millenia of sexist indoctrination introducing the concept of male dominance before a man even considers rape, Brownback ignores the original sin to get to the red meat—the "compounding" issue of abortion.

From a purely political standpoint, Brownback's campaign is raising no money, attracting no voters, and bringing no new ideas to the table. His debate performances have a Howdy-Doodey on meth quality that only serve as comic relief from the dour Reps. Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo. He seems to believe the only way to attract attention is to state extreme positions in front of friendly audiences.

While there is no fear he will become President of the United States (which I offer as proof there is a benevolent God), there is one very real fear where his candidacy is concerned: his ego will not allow him to end it anytime soon, or better yet, yesterday. In spiritual matters, ego is the thing that trips us mere mortals up the most.

Instead he will continue his verbal gay bashing and oratorical rape hoping he might reach double digits in Iowa. Like those who physically rape and abuse, he won't stop to consider what he is doing to the body politic in the process. Nothing matters but him.

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    I am a Ron Paul supporter, but a long time ago I was a Brownback fan, and when I attended one of his birthday / fundraiser parties in September I supported the idea of Sam running for POTUSA. I was really impressed with the stand he took using the 3 R’s; Reform, Return, Restore, or something like that.
    Then he became pro-life and campaigned in churches on the issues of the day. Also, oddly, why was he supported by a Rockefeller? Dr. Rockefeller in Topeka was a donor to his campaign. I distrust the Rockefellers and think they are not interested in advancing the Americanism I believed in, but rather are globalists. The Council on Foreign Relations, a somewhat globalist think-tank, was started and progressed secretly through the efforts of David Rockefeller, for one instance.
    AS soon as Brownback got into the Senate, he started following the globalists. He still has some conservative values of course. But is he a Neocon? Perhaps.
    I always wondered why the Neocons shudder at the thought of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, but are proud to end the precious lives of thousands in a needless war. Which is worse? Who cries and mourns more? A mother and family of an aborted baby, which is a loss, or the great loss of a full grown functioning family member, naively following Bush into the battlefield. I also noticed that very few Senators and Congressmen/women sacrifice their own family members for the noble Neocon causes they promote. Why?
    Even more suspicious is Brownback’s lack of concern for the reported 30,000 dead Americans killed by illegal aliens since 9/11. He has up until most recently, taken a Catholic stance and overlooked the consequences of uncontrolled, out of order illegal immigrantion flooding our homeland and job market. Most Americans see this as an unwanted invasion that needs brakes put on it. I called his office today to see what his stand was, since Bush is pressuring Senators for passing the latest immigration reform bill, and it was changed to reflect Kansas conservative values. Is he a shape shifter?

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    This talk of the Rockefellers, globalists and neocons sounds like so much conspiracy theory, but Brownback’s embrace of rigid “no abortion even for rape/incest” dogma is a total no brainer.
    Like most politicians, he’s telling his selected audience (the radical pro life part of the Christian “Right”) what they want to hear. It’s called “pandering”. Brownback believes by using certain code words to tell the Right he’s one of them, he will be swept to victory by a groundswell of support. It’s too bad no one told ‘ol Sam a backlash has started against social conservatism. It took it’s toll of surprised Republicans in 2006 and it will only grow larger as more and more Americans become disgusted by the government’s enaction of socially conservative policies.

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    Senator Brownback said that his campaign platform is ‘pro family’ and ‘pro life’. Nothing can be further from the truth. Mr. Brownback cosponsored one of the most unconstitutional, anti-family/ marriage laws in the history of the United States. The law is known as the ‘International Marriage Broker Regulation Act’, a law which was discreetly attached to another bill, the ‘Violence Against Women Act of 2005’. This law is better decribed as the ‘International Romance Regulation Act’, which is exactly what it is.

    Under Senator Brownback’s pathetic law, all Americans (mostly American men), must submit a detailed criminal background report in order to communicate with a woman in a foreign country. How absurd! This law applies for all forms of communication: e-mail, telephone, postal mail, text messaging, and in-person meetings.

    In order to drum up support for his ridiculous bill, Senator Brownback along with other proponents (radical feminist group Tahirih Justice Center) concocted the sinister-sounding label ‘marriage broker’. What is a ‘marriage broker’? It is nothing more than an introduction or penpal service. So, now all-of-a-sudden according to the U.S. Government, a penpal service will now be known as a ‘marriage broker’. For your information Senator Brownback, nobody is getting married, and nobody is being ‘brokered’ when two consenting heterosexual adults decide to communicate.

    Senator Brownback you took an oath to defend the constitution of the United States and you have some explaining to do!