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    I read that report. I’m not sure it really tells us much about the impact of the program that the activity rates were identical between program and control groups when they’re at the same school and presumably allowed to talk to and date and sleep with their classmates from the other group. You know, they might compare notes or otherwise violate the control conditions, rendering the results meaningless.

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    The continuation and increase in this funding is such a bad idea for it not only continues these failed programs but continues to fund grassroots religious right activists that work against Democrats at the local and state levels. The Democrats that devised this compromise are funding their opponents. No wonder the GOP is happy!

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    This funding increase is no concession – it’s outright pandering with very real consequences. The money will continue to be funneled to extremist, religious right organizations and will continue to fund what cannot even be called education but ideological zealotry. Including abstinence in a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum is crucial – I believe it should be stressed as the only 100% effective STI/pregnancy prevention method. However, we are talking about providing education to our young people that they will need as they move through high school, college and beyond. How can we send them out into the world without the information and tools they need? THey need information on all of the various ways to prevent STIs and pregnancy, how to have healthy sexual relationships, what family planning is, and how to access it!

    These Democrats are despicable and more than that they have so far not lived up to ANY expectations I have had that they will lead us towards more progressive reproductive rights policies.

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