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    Dear Nora,

    You could not be more right about your observation that:
    “Although reproductive health care, sexuality education, and advocacy are inextricably linked in the struggle for reproductive justice, in practice there is often very little overlap between educators, advocates, and health care providers.”

    I’ve been involved with sexual health advocacy for over 20 years in Canada. I see this disconnect every day. I currently work for Sexual Health Access Alberta where our focus is on facilitating access by individuals and organizations to sexual health information, education and services. One of our ongoing projects is wontgetweird.com, a website that connects youth in our province to sexual health services of all kinds. We work on behalf of both the public and the sexual health organizitions to bring together the realms of care, education and advocacy. I will follow your journey with interest.

    If you are interested in wontgetweird.com, check out this link:


    All the best, Laura Wershler

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    Thanks for this article, Ms Nora Dye. It’s brilliant, and really helps me to clarify my own thoughts about The Movement.

    I lost track of you after the ACLU- makes me so very happy, inspired and smiley to know that this is what you’ve been up to. Your brain will be vibrating with the new revolution and your legs will be like steel by the time I see you (at SisterSong!!!)- huzzah!
    I’ll look for you in Chicago.


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