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    Hmmm, how about life over the politics of murder? This is a great day for the pro-life movement. We have Senator Sam Brownback to thank for rejecting the Miers nomination and getting Justice Alito on the court.

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    a narrow definition of life. How is leaving women's health out of the equation a positive step forward for the protection of life? But, you're right, Justice Alito has certainly proven himself to be the activist judge the Bush administration "warned" us against.

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    Check out these posts too from Rev. Debra Hafner, political reaction from Prez Hopefuls, Reproductive Rights Blog, National Abortion Federation, Bush v. Choice, BitchPh.D. These are just a few more of our favorite writers in the blogosphere talking about this historic step backwards by the US Supreme Court.


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    I couldn’t have said it any better. How many days until the election?

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    only 642 days, 4 hours, 46 minutes and 20 sec…. not that I’m counting down. ;)

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    You can find the 2008 presidential candidates' reactions to the decision on the NYT's The Caucus blog.

    Predictably the comments fall distinctly on either side of the party line. Guiliani, who has stated publicly he believes in the woman's legal right to choose, backed the decision with a deliberately short two-sentence comment.

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    …Bush’s court packing has certainly paid off for the extremist wing of the religous right.

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