Admittedly, I don't think of Concerned Women for America (CWA) as a beacon of graciousness—but its latest move it simply over the top—classless, crude and utterly disrespectful. The sexual and reproductive health community—and more importantly family, friends and loved ones—recently lost a talented, lovely soul in the person of Cynthia Dailard. CWA's response? Attack—even after Cynthia is gone.

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe—for whom Cynthia once worked—has introduced a resolution honoring Cynthia's lifetime as a women's health advocate. Joined by others in the Senate, it is a simple tribute to Cynthia—a tribute to be shared with her family. But CWA sent out an action alert opposing this resolution. I am speechless. To motivate the grassroots in opposition to this tribute is the lowest CWA can go. We all can understand intellectual debates on the issues, but this is simply contemptible.

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