Readers Check Keroack’s “Science”

We've had an overwhelming response to Andrea's post last Thursday exposing Eric Keroack's ridiculous assertions about oxytocin and premarital sex. (You remember him, don't you—the one in charge of the federal family planning program who believes birth control is "demeaning" to women?) Well, thanks to all of you who read Andrea's witty commentary or watched the slideshow, it has quickly become one of our most popular posts!

However, we realize that some people may not have wanted to wade through even one of Keroack's slides, let alone 68. So today we're giving you the trimmed version with Flickr notes. Check out our "Keroack Slideshow" photo set on Flickr (click on a slide picture then scroll over it with your mouse to see the notes). You can post comments under each picture to add your own commentary. Get creative—what do you have to say about this presentation?

Also, we'd like to say "thank you" to the following bloggers for picking up Andrea's post:

Haven't seen Keroack's slideshow yet? Watch the full-length version here.

We have other exciting new features on the way at RH Reality Check—check back soon for RH Wiki and Glossary.

Thanks to everyone for making RH Reality Check a success!

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