Interviews from the Supreme Court Steps: Late Term Abortion Cases

RH Reality Check editor Scott Swenson and associate editor Tyler LePard went to the Supreme Court on November 8 and talked with demonstrators from both sides about the late term abortion cases before the Court.

For more on that day, read Scott's reflections and Tyler's reflections.

And think about adding your comments! What do you make of this video? The footage mostly shows comments from anti-choice protesters, including an extended interview with Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition. The ambiguity in these arguments is fascinating.

How would you respond?

Watch the footage below.

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  • mernlar

    This is a truly fascinating snapshot of the anti-choice movement. Where to begin?

    First, I think the woman who talked about her own experience presents a really interesting viewpoint. She has not considered whether she would have wanted someone to prevent her abortions; she only considered that because she hurt herself in a particular way that she should prevent other people from making choices for reasons that may be totally different from hers–that, because she made poor choices, that no one else presented with a choice would make good choices.

    I find Mahoney’s statements to be very interesting as well. I wonder what would happen if Nancy Keenan or Kim Gandy called him tomorrow and said “Let’s work together to write legislation to overturn abstinence-only education so that kids get good information about preventing pregnancy and we have fewer abortions. Let’s make sure that low-cost contraception is available to everyone who needs it. Let’s make abortion as rare as humanly possible.” Would he agree? Or Hillary Clinton, who he cited in his speech?

    Quite literally everyone should watch this footage.

  • andy

    Yes, Mernlar!

    The interview with the woman under the umbrella was so powerful. Three abortions, and no contraception. When the other guy goes on and on about all the ways he wants to work together, did it strike anyone else that his only practical suggestions were to ban abortions? Someone should send him this video clip and suggest that contraception could be nice too. Give more to Title X, health insurance coverage, EC available for all women who want it…

    And the Clinton thing cracked me up! The Republicans are out of favor, so now they’re claiming the Democrats??? Very strange indeed. I can’t think of ever having seen a pro-life protest that decries the Republicans and quotes Hillary Clinton in a favorable way. The times are changing! But to what?

  • ellen-marshall

    This video not only gives a sense of the chaos outside the Supreme Court that day — it provides a real window on the befuddled thinking of some anti-choice activitists. I agree with the other comments…and just want to add that it's pretty amazing that the Presbyterian minister kept talking about finding common ground — though never offered any example of that. Oh yea, at the end he did say further limiting access to abortion is common ground. I'm weary of this "we can find common ground" language that is absent anything real. He should talk to his friend under the umbrella — the common ground solution to her three abortions would have been her using contraception to prevent the pregnancies in the first place. I don't think we'll see Mahoney on the courthouse steps protecting a right to contraception, though. But here's to not having to fight that fight at the Supreme Court!

  • invalid-0

    I was amazed to see yet again how many people are convinced by clichés and slogans – even if they are bad. The Presbyterian minister (not knowingly promoting diet coke??) is a classic act of power loving fat cat admitting on air it’s all about the dollars.The Pro-Life crowd are just too bored or too stupid to notice.A documentary called “The Choice” is going to be aired soon on SBS.
    I can’t wait for the debate. You can view an interview here: