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We do not endorse candidates, parties, ideologies, or faiths. We endorse the truth. We endorse responsibility. We endorse reality.

On Wednesday, nine justices of the United States Supreme Court will choose between the health of the mother and if it should be considered when writing legislation, or if her unborn child's rights supercede hers. The case was decided six years ago, but now the make-up of the court has changed.

We will see if Justices Roberts and Alito will truly evaluate these cases on their merits. We will see if they are true to their sworn testimony about stare decisis. These are sham cases. Women having late-term procedures did not simply "change their mind" about their pregnancy: their lives or their fetus were in danger and they needed medical help.

The Supreme Court's choice follows the choice millions of Americans will exercise next Tuesday. If a choice is partisan, based more in ideology than fact, made from fear, or against anyone or any party, then expect the consequences of that choice. Instead, if a choice is made from a place of hope, faith in something better, not faith in being better than someone else, but faith in each other to work together solving tough problems, then one could expect more positive results.

Sexuality and human reproduction should be the product of these sorts of affirming, responsible choices and our democracy should define who we are by choosing affirmatively when we vote. Vote for the best ideals of America.

It is the way Americans make choices that is important. Freely, openly, honestly, from a place of fairness that has typically defined us when we were at our best. We are also at our best when we do our research, trust the accumulated human knowledge as found in the sciences, medicine from indigenous peoples to eastern and western philosophies, and bring ideas from all parts of the world to bare on a problem, not to go it alone; to lift people up, not destroy them. That is an America we could all be proud to choose, and that would surely be blessed, as is every part of this planet.

We write about the importance of truth in public health data, because if you base policy solely on an ideology, it is counterproductive.

It doesn't matter what party you vote for on Tuesday, but when you make your choice, you might take a moment to think about the eight men and one woman who will do the choosing on Wednesday. Choosing the truth on Tuesday might send a signal that even the justices would see as a clarion call for the truth, in this case, the truth that the life and health of the mother is important and that limiting her choice is to suggest otherwise.

We do not endorse candidates or parties, but we do have a point of view. We endorse reality. We endorse the truth. We endorse choice. We endorse sexual and reproductive rights. We endorse responsibility.

Most importantly, we trust each person to make his or her own choices when voting, in accordance with their personal beliefs, experiences, values, faiths, and knowledge, We believe women and men should be able to have the same respect in their personal and private affairs, especially where sexual and reproductive health is concerned.

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