Circus Tactics Used to Distract Voters From the Truth

Kate Looby is the South Dakota State Director for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS).

The one thing we have learned in the South Dakota fight against the ban on nearly all abortions is that our opponents will stop at nothing to keep the ban in place. In recent weeks a 13 year old boy showed up at a press conference dressed up as the Cat in the Hat. His message was the Seuss line that "a person's a person no matter how small." Unfortunately, the press conference he showed up at was one in which a victim of rape was courageously telling her story and instead of showing respect to the victim, the ban supporters tried to turn it into a circus.

Recorded message calls, particularly electronic push-polls, are all the rage from our opponents. They call virtually every phone number in the state and tell the respondent that there is an exception for rape and incest victims in the ban – of course there isn't, but that's a minor detail.

This past weekend I received a message on my voice mail at home that said I should vote "yes on six" if I want to support victims of rape and incest. Again, a yes vote enacts the ban which allows no exception for women who become pregnant due to sexual assault.

They also are sending out sample ballots to people with a large red arrow covering up the most important content of the Attorney General's statement about the ban. The paragraph they intentionally cover is the one in which the AG explains that there is only one exception in the ban and that is to prevent the death of a pregnant woman. It also mentions that South Dakota taxpayers would be required to pay millions of dollars to defend this law in court. That's been hid as well.

Our opponents know where they are vulnerable and they will do everything possible to mislead voters every chance they get.

Editor's note: Watch the opposition's tv ad below.

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