Scheidler Launches Attack Claiming RH Reality Check “Spied” On His Contra-Contraception Confab

Joe Scheidler of Pro Life Action League is getting a little defensive about our special series and online advertising campaign addressing his recent conference entitled Contraception Is Not The Answer. In the very first sentence of his Action News Hotline he claimed that "More than 250 Pro-Life stalwarts, one pro-abortion spy, Tyler LePard, and several members of the press attended the first-ever national anti-contraception conference in Chicago Friday and Saturday."

But here's the curiosity, he doesn't mention our website or link to us or Tyler's writing at all. We suspect that having facts about contraception (even more can be found here) might not be in the interest of his efforts to launch a new tactical war to take it away from every American by making contraception illegal, so instead he just uses loaded language like "spy" to inflame his troops. When we discuss differing opinions, we always link to their sites or statements because we believe that people should see all sides and make up their own minds.

RH Reality Check covers reproductive health issues and we sent Tyler, registered by her legal name, to the conference to learn about the issues as they presented them.

But Joe's piece was a little puffed up in other ways too. He mentioned "several members of the media." There was one Chicago Tribune piece which we linked to when the series was introduced, but it turns out his Saturday morning news conference was cancelled, for lack of attendance. Joe also makes no mention of Ian's piece linking several of the lesser known groups behind the conference.

Lastly, Joe said this, "About all the spy has said so far is that taking contraception away from women will coarsen the culture and that a full 81% of Americans would not consider contraception to be the root cause of abortion. We are happy to find 19% agreeing with us that it is the root cause of abortion. And we must point out that before Columbus proved the world is round, 90 percent of people thought it was flat. The 90% were wrong."

Joe Scheidler talking about discovering the world is round while advocating a return to the flat earth policies of prohibiting contraception, is priceless.

Pay attention to the "so far" in terms of what we have to say about his speakers, this series is just starting. And, for the record, the other 249 "stalwarts" … let's just say, Tyler wasn't alone. Stay tuned ;-)

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  • mernlar

    If you make ’em nervous, you know you’re doing something right! Keep up the excellent work.

  • tyler-lepard

    Thanks, mernlar. I only wish I could be like Sydney Bristow, but in reality I openly registered and attended the conference like every other participant. It's funny that they posted my name on their site, but did not link here. I guess they can't handle the truth. This week, I'll continue to share the speakers' perspectives and present credible evidence so that everyone can examine the information and decide for themselves.

  • andy

    Seriously — if they think you’re a spy just because you don’t agree with them and went to their event, there’s something wrong on their end. And considering that they’ve made their conference CD’s available for sale to the public (I checked their site), it’s not like they’re trying to hide anything either.

    I’m glad your reporting on it is out in the open and sticking to real facts and discussions of the concepts.