What’s up with HIMMAA?

“America needs a health care system that empowers patients to make rational and smart decisions for themselves and their families, a health care system in which the relationship between the patient and the provider are central, not a health care system where decisions are made by the federal government.” – President Bush, 4/6/06


Few could have said it better! So why is Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) advocating for the passage of the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act (aka S. 1955, aka the “Lose Your Benefits” Act that would do just the opposite?

HIMMAA would impose a blanket set of federal regulations over all states, regulations that would allow massive cost-cutting by the insurance industry and leave working people without coverage for a whole slew of health services. Among those services: coverage for prescription contraception, Pap tests, direct access to Ob/Gyn’s, mammograms, and well-child healthcare. Beyond women’s health, there is a wide assortment of other services that will be scratched from the “must cover” lists enforced by state governments in order to protect consumers. For more of those details, check out Families USA’s overview of HIMMA

HIMMAA is up for a floor vote in the Senate the week of 5/15, and the American people need to speak up now to let their Senators know that this bill would have terrible effects on their lives. NFPRHA, Planned Parenthood and others are organizing letter writing campaigns, and NFPRHA staff will be joining us on RH Blog in the coming days to share their inside perspective on what is happening with this bill on the ground. Take action now at those two sites, and stay tuned.

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