Denial and HIV

Amy Alexander at NPR reports the overwhelming nature of HIV on the African American community in Washington, DC.

Unfortunately the issues outlined in her report underscore the problem with people burying their heads in the sand as the far right would have us do, ignoring the very real world in which people live. By denying comprehensive sex education, acknowledging a range of sexual expression and valuing every life— conservatives reinforce stereotypes that most progressives long ago let go of, understanding that oppression against any leads to oppression against all.

As an HIV positive man I have seen first hand the devastating effects of denial—my own and others. As difficult as denial is to come to terms with in our own individual lives, it is when we recognize it in our institutions of faith and government that we simply must take a stand. We all take responsibility for the choices we make in this life—that’s what life and free will are about. We must also take more responsibility for the choices our institutions and governments are making—for their denial causes harm to millions at home and abroad.

Check out Black Aids, and this excellent piece at Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, as well as The Black Coalition on AIDS or Black Women’s Health

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